Sae Talks About Her Thought On Acchan’s Graduation During The Press Conference of Bandai’s New Game

  May 25, 2012

Dressed in a cute jockey’s suit, Sae Miyazawa of AKB48 made an appearance at Bandai’s event to commemorate the release of Owners Horse, online Carddas, at Tokyo Horse stadium.
Owners Horse is the new title for Bandai’s online card game Net Carddas, which is an online version of Horse Racing card game, and Sae has served as PR face of this product as she is a huge fan of Horse Racing.

When asked her thought on the early result of the ongoing election, Sae answered with a broad smile “To be honest, I’m so happy and grateful that so many people voted for me for only 2 days. It’s still an early result, but this result is something that I haven’t expected!”.
She also answered that her favorite type of horse is “Last-Spurt type”, and that she herself wants to show the last spurt with explosive speed in this election.

Following the announcement of the early result of the election was the announcement of the specific schedule of the upcoming AKB48’s Tokyo Dome concert. When asked about her thought on Atsuko Maeda graduating on 27th August, Sae keenly said “Recently, when I have a chance to work with her, I do countdown (of her graduation) bit by bit.” “When I make eyes-eyes contact with her (during a show),  I want to do it as many as possible. When I heard about her graduation, I was filled with the overwhelming feeling of missing Acchan, but now I rather give her a supportive push on her back with smile.”

In the mini-game during the event, Sae rapidly shouted names of 20 horses she memorized for the filming of the commercial and confessed her relief, saying “I’m relieved that what I memorized are still left…”

Source Mantan web