Sashiko Effect!! Sales of Chili Tomato Cupnoodle Increased

  May 17, 2012

Have you already tried ICE Cupnoodl which is now airing the commercial  starring Mariko, Kojiharu, Yuko and Sashko?
I’ve already tried it with plain Cupnoodles and it was very delicious!! In summer, a lot of Ramen shops offer 冷やしラーメン / Hiyasi Ramen, which is kind of like 冷麺/ Reimen but have more thick broth like Ramen. As you already know, in Cupnoodle’s commercial (not ICE but normal one), each of 5 members eats their favorite taste (or flavor) of Cupnoodle, and Rino Sashihara chose Chili Tomato noodle for her scene.

In latest ICE Cupnoodle’s commercial she co-stars with Yuko, Rino-chan also ate Chili Tomato noodle.

What pleased us is according to Cupnoodle’s official G+ account, thanks to Rino-chan, sales of Chili Tomato flavor of Cupnoodle has increased!!!

Cupnoodle G+

“Chili Tomato noodle has become so popular thanks to Sashihara-san!!! And Sales has increased.
Sashihara-san really likes Chili Tomato noodle and she ate all the noodle (Yuko made for her) after the filming of the commercial.
How about trying ICE Chili Tomato noodle light which tastes like cold tomato Ramen!!”

So let’s enjoy the skit of this pair from Not Yet!!

Sashiko “What are you doing lol Is this Yuko-chan, isn’t it?”
Yuko “(Turn to Sashiko) Sassy!!! What were you doing? What are you doing!!”
Sashiko “I just came here!”
Yuko “The wall and I were looking at each other.”
Sashiko “E? What? What’s going on?”
Yuko “The wall and I were looking at each other.”
Sashiko “E? Eeeee? What do you mean???”
Yuko “The wall and I were looking at each other.” (<- she stuttered a bit (intentionally lol))
Sashiko “Oh if I knew that you’re there, I would bring a pajama I lend from you”
Yuko “(Laughing) Did you wash it? Thank you!!”
Yuko “So as a reward for washing my Pajama, let’s sit down here. I’ll show you something nice.”
Sashiko “Really?”
Yuko “I’ll show you something nice!! Jaja~~~~~~n “
Sashiko “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! This is my best favorite”
Yuko “I know this is your favorite!”
Sashiko “I like this best!!”
Yuko “Me too, it’s delicious! So this is a little treat for you. As a reward for washing Pajama, I will let you eat a nice thing.”

(Yuko start pouring hot water into Cupnoodle)

Yuko “Tokutokutokutoku (<- onomatopoeia to describe the sound of pouring water) Stop!!”
Sashiko “Ee!?!?!?”

They sit down on the chairs and start talking.
Yuko “Thank you for coming today.”
Sashiko “E?? Is this your house?”
Yuko “Yeah this is my house.”
Sashiko “It’s so white…”
Yuko “I’m renting this room. I’m renting this condominium apartment.”
Sashiko “So it’s like your second house?”
Yuko “Yeah”
Sashiko “But… what’s going on here?”
Yuko “Okay, so let’s do that. It’s a good chance! Let’s do Mission Impossible play!!
Sashiko “Okay… let’s do it…”
Yuko “Let’s do it. Do it!! Do M.I game!!!” 
Sashiko starts impersonating a character from M.I.
Yuko “LOL You even sang background music!! What did you sing?”
(They are playing ‘let’s pretend’ M.I game… and sounds are all erased… lol)

It’s rumored that they watched Mission Impossible. together when they held a Not Yet party at some member’s home.

Sashiko reached her hands to Cupnoodle and tried to read what’s written on the cup.

Yuko “No, don’t read it!! Don’t touch it!”
Sashiko “Why not?”
Yuko “Because now I’m growing this boy!! I’m growing him for another 30 seconds!!”
Sashiko “It smells so good…”
Yuko “Yeah…”
Sashiko “I didn’t know some people eat Cupnoodle this way…” <- I think Yuko was a bit upset with this Sashiko's remark.
Yuko “Yeah pouring water only to this amount. (to make ICE Cupnoodle, you pour hot water until dried noodle is completely soaked in water. It’s about 3cm below to normal water level.)”
Sashiko “I bet it’s better to pour normal amount of water.”
(Sashiko stared at Yuko with a bit scary face)
Yuko “So you want noodles to be soft?”
(lol Yuko is trying to find an excuse.)
Sashiko “No. But I want to pour hot water to that level.”
Yuko “Til that line inside of the cup.. alright…..(Silent)… but…. it’s too normal.”
Sashiko “lol I can’t believe this is true…”
Yuko “That’s a bit too normal. I know it.”
Sashiko “I really can’t believe this is true..”
Yuko “(It’s too) Normal. I think a girl like Sassy shouldn’t live in normal way.”
Sashiko is bending her body, smelling the Cupnoodle.
Sashiko “Alright. You mean ‘be creative'”
Yuko “Yeah you should make your original.”
(Pi pi pi)
Sashiko “Oh yeah it’s done!!!”
Yuko peeled off the lid of Cupnoodle, and…
Yuko “It’s still not done!!”
Yuko takes out an ice scoop.
Yuko “Pikon!!! (<-sound)
Slide open the lid of the ice cube storage on the table top!!
Sashiko “Ah I’m surprised!!”
Yuko “Ice cubes~~~~~!”
Sashiko “Iyada~~~~!!!! (I don’t like this!!)”
Yuko “Why??”
Sashiko “Becasue… this is supposed to eat hot!”
Yuko “Yeah.    (but)     Put it down!!”
Sashiko “Are you serious?? It’s definitely more delicious without ice cubes!!”

Around 5:40~
Sashiko “I think you’ve already put in enough ice!!”
Yuko “non non Do you want to take a lukewarm bath?”
Sashiko “I don’t want, but it’s a completely different topic…”
Yuko “There’re only two choices! Either Hot or cold!!”
Sashiko “Okay.. (laughing)”
Yuko “I think you don’t want (to take a lukewarm bath).”
Sashiko “Yeah I don’t. Especially before I go to bed.”
Yuko “Yeah~~ That’s how I thought. I know you’ve already wanted to eat this way in you mind!”
Sashiko “Yeah yeah.. because you already put ice…. I want it to make cold enough….”

(Yuko finished making ICE Cupnoodle)
Yuko “(Putting Cupnoodle down on the table in front of Sashiko) Please eat ICE Cupnodle.”
Sashiko “Seriously??? But because you made this for me… Itadakimasu!”
Sashiko “It’s cold! But smells good just like hot one!”
Sashiko “Itadakimasu. (Starts eating).”
Sashiko looked surprised at the taster of the noodle.
Sashiko “Yuko-chan… this is Oishi!!!”
Yuko “(Clapping hands) Yayyyyyy!!!”
Sashiko “I hate to admit this but it’s really delicious!!!”
Yuko “Yay! It’s delicious isnit!?”
Sashiko “I’m happy~~!”
Yuko “That’s nice~~~~!!! (Clapping hands)”
Sasihko “Oishi~~~! I’m really sorry for suspecting you!”
Yuko “Yeah yeah apologize me!!”
Yuko “But instead of apologizing me, let’s do M.I game again!!”
Sashiko “I’m fed up with this Senpai (= senior)”
(They started ‘Let’s pretend’ M.I. game)

Yuko “I have Shoyu flavor, too. (pointing to piles of Cupnoodles beside the kitchen table.)”
Sashiko “….. So what??? lol”
Yuko “Shoyu flavor… here…”
Sashiko “So can I take as many Cupnoodles as I want from your second house?”
Yuko “Yeah! I’ll send you one year’s amount of Cupnoodles.”
Yuko “Oh sorry I said wrong. I’ll send you one summer’s amound of Cupnoodles!”
Yuko “And I hope you’ll make ICE Cupnoodles with them.”
Sashiko “It’s really delicious!”
Yuko “I know you really like (Chili Tomato flavor)”
Sashiko “Yeah I really like Cupnoodles. I wrote Cupnoodle for favorite food section of my official profile!”
Yuko “No matter how many times I ask you what’s your favorite food, you never answer anything other than Cupnoodle.”


Yuko “So…. can I eat some?”
Sashiko “Yeah”
Yuko “Did you drink broth?”
Sashiko “I didn’t.”
Yuko “(Drinking soup) Wow it’s really cold!!”
Sashiko “Because you put so many ices!!! lol”
Yuko “(eating Cupnoocle happily) uhmmmm it’s delicious!!!”
Sashiko “I’m too happy”
Yuko “Very good taste!!!! (<- in English: She emulated Sashiko's remark during 'let's pretend' M.I. game)"
Sasahiko “LOL”
Sashiko “You often speak like that.”
Yuko “I often speak like that (she was overlapping her voice on Sashiko’s)”
Yuko “I often overlapping my voice (on someone’s voice)~~~!”
Sashiko “lol It’s funny.”
Yuko “By the way this Cupnoodle is low-calorie. It reduced 145kcal from normal ones!!”
Sashiko “Waht?? It sounds as if it’s a lie. Great…”
Yuko “So where this Cupnodle contains dietary fiber??”
Sashiko “Let’s figure out together.”
Yuko “I don’t think it’s corn. It will be left in our body.”
Sashiko “This”
Yuko “Leeks?”
Sashiko “Oh I found cabbage!”
Yuko “But every Cupnoodles have these things!”
Sashiko “Haha.. uhmmm how about noodle itself?”
Yuko “uhmmm What contains dietary fibers… “

 “What are you doing lol Is this Yuko-chan, isn’t it?”
 Sassy!!! What are you doing here!?

Yuko “Jaja~~~~~n!!!”

Sashiko “This is my favorite!!!!”

 Sashiko “M.I game?!?!”


Slap on the tabletop

Sashiko “Very Good Taste”

 Goo job!!

 Goo job~~~~!

Sashiko “I want to eat Cupnoodle made in normal way…”

Yuko “You want noodles to be soft?”

Sashiko  “I wanted you to pour normal amount of hot water…”

Yuko “Uhmmmm” 

 Yuko “It’s too normal for you”


 Sashiko “Originality….”


Yuko “(Doya Doya Tamaranyarou~~~)”

Sashiko “It tastes good!!!”

 Yuko “Yayyyy!!!”

Let’s do M.I game again!!