The Most Domestic Idol, Sashiko Goes Asia

  May 2, 2012
(Almost) Daily Sashiko news
1. Sashiko named a little monkey Sashiko-chan
2. Japan’s last hope goes to Asia

Sashiko named a little monkey Sashiko-chan, because “this is a good chance.”

On the memorial of her life, the release date of her solo debut single, Sashiko attended an event held at Takasakiyama zoo park in her hometown Oita city, where she serves as a tourism ambassador.

Rino Sashihara Named Tourism Ambassador For Her Ho…

This event is her first job as a tourism ambassador, and she named a little monkey (Japanese macaque) Sashiko-chan. She explained the reason why she chose this name, saying “Because it’s great to name someone (something) my name. So I figured this is a great chance to do it.” but added “Maybe it’s better to name her Yuko-chan or Acchan…” which draw casual laughter from the audience.
Mayor Kugimiya said “Sashiko!!!!! It’s now the hottest name in Japan, and I wish all the best for people with this name, as well as this little monkey.”
Source YahooJ

Japan’s last hope Sashiko moves forward to Asian Market

It’s announced Sashiko’s solo debut single Soredemo Skidayo is on sale in 3 Asian countries, TW, HK and Singapore on 2th May, same date in Japan.

Of course it’s nothing new that AKB’s solo act will make Asia debut. In the past we had Tomochin and Acchan made debut in Asia. Just like SNH48 project has started from the offer from China, this move of Sashihara has also realized by the passionate offer from 3 countries.

Tough theatre version is not to be released in Asia, contents and design of the single is identical to Japanese version, while title is translated into local language (Mandarine?: 就是喜歡你).

Japan’s last hope commented “Even being allowed to make a solo debut surprised me so much, so I can’t express my surprise for this….”
But she stated her anxiety, said “But does this means I’m being caught in a trap???? I can’t help but think there’s a hidden story…”
“But I want people from Asia to grab my CD, and enjoy my song. If this becomes true, sure it will make me so happy.”

I recently read an article on what parts of the world has the strong preference for Made in Asia, and surprisingly it was Taiwan raked top in the ranking, followed by Seoul (2nd), HK (3rd) and Singapore (4th), I’m surprised so much since I had America or France in my mind but I was completely off. Maybe it’s real that people often say Seoul and Taiwan look like photocopies of Tokyo, which by the way is the reason I chose Vietnam for my vacation last time, which was absolutely awesome.
But if they have such huge pereference toward Japanese product, I think this is a good move of AKiP and Dentsu since I and many my fellow Japanese think Sashiko is the most domestic product that no overseas fans could understand why she is so popular in Japan. But I think I was underestimating them, as they may want most Japanese-like thing like Sashiko instead of different version which is altered to adaptto local taste buds.
I’m also surprised almost all Japanese media described TW, HK and Singapore as 3 ‘countries’…

Source Sanspo