Will Mayu Watanabe and Jurina Matsui Stack Up To Our Current 2 Top?

  May 8, 2012
JuriMayu (Jurina Matsui and Mayu Watanabe), the most likely next 2 top faces of AKB project may change the public image of the group, as they have more perfected looks than the founding mothers and current leading figures of AKB, who have grown to be sophisticated and perfected their appearance as well as their aura, but still somewhat leave air of an ordinary girl.
From two channel “Look this outstanding looks and nobleness of our next 2 top!!!”

They are the definition of ‘Fresh’Beauty.
Both have fair skins and silky black hairs.
I’m overwhelmed by Jurina’s outstanding aura….
I wish this 2 stop shut up those people’s mouths who say AKB girls are ugly.
I can’t picture these two girls are talking friendly each other… even though they do, I guess there has always been a kind of barrier between them.
After they co-starred マジすか学園 / Majisuka Gakuen, they have become friends that can frolic together.
Nezumi (Mice) and Center
I must admit both of them are really beautiful but both look manly. I mean unisex faces.
I think adding one more member who has girly face and to form 3 top will work better.
You mean Re-creation of AKB?
We no longer have to worry about who should be in charge of looks and who should in charge of Ace.
These 2 girls can do both!
I think the best scenario may be this 2 top with Kami 7 members supporting them.
I must agree with this choice.
Nothing to do with colored hair, too much makeup, they just represents nobleness of Asian beauty….
Jurina has become really beautiful….
Uhmmm I hate to say this but Mayuyu has a typical face of underground idol (or a cult idol in subculture scene)
She doesn’t have an aura to play in Major League…
I’m sorry? But she has a typical face of national Idol.
I should say her face is the standard (for an orthodox idol)
Kyoko Koizumi, a legendary 80’s idol, now famous actress in left and Myuyu in right

Favorite song てもでもの涙 / Temodemo no Namida presented by our next Aces.
Jurina and Mayuyu will be much attractive when they are together.
They are kinda like Heroine and Hero….
Beginner (in fall, 2010)
If Mayuyu is going to be a center, then it meas Ogi productions abandons other members belong to them (Haruna Kojima, Minami Takahashi, Minami Minegishi, etc).
If they want to do things peacefully, they may keep Mayuyu at 2nd or 3rd positions but not Ace.
AkiP never want to lose Jurina, so he will protect her in every possible way.
And since it’s so obvious Milky and Paruru, who has gained tremendous popularity this year and are talented in stage performance will join the race to be a center, it’s gonna be 4 top of Mayuyu, Jurina plus Milky and Paruru.
For whatever reason, I agree with you that next AKB will go with these 4 members as main figures.
Sure Mayuyu is very cute, but my eyes can’t help focus on Acchan rather than her.
Acchan is not as cute as Mayuyu, but her dance and behavior attracts me…. Maybe it’s a matter of time?
Yes, it’s difficult for any member to do what Acchan has done for AKB.
I don’t think it’s wrong that new generation will make their own new AKB.
I think it’s almost the fact that these 2 will be next Aces, and I don’t disagree to this….
There’s one decisive factor that Acchan and Yuko have but Jurina and Mayuyu don’t.
It’s ‘Evilness’. I think it’s important to have a dark element.
Do you really think she lacks evilness??
He is talking about that there’ll be no composition of conflict of Acchan and Yuko.
Because there7s rivalry, fans sometimes frantically support their Oshi.
But… yeah these 2… looks wise, they are perfect.
This is what we can call masterpiece…. and they look friendly each other….
No…. No! Being friendly each other? Frolic together never work!!!
Become fierce rivals that bring heavy bllizard!!!

How can you say they are not evil after you see this??

“Sure they are demon… They must try to steal my heart…..”