This is the first time I heard the term…. anyway let’s start learning this new word together \(^ω^;)

From two channel “Don’t you think a girl with NyanChuu-sen on her face is cute?”

Okay let me start with the definition,
NyanChuu-sen: (Nyan-Chuu line)
Dimple-like thing which is usually seen below eyes when she smiles. This name doesn’t mean Nyan and Chuu have NyanChuu-sen, but named because we often see this on Yui-chan’s face.

LoL people call this NyanChuu-sen??? Completely new to me.
I like this thing since when I was a baby, but I’ve never mentioned this since I didn’t know how to call this. lol

Paruru has one too!

That’s why some people think Paruru and Yuihan are the same person!

Mariko Shinoda also has ones. But because her NyanChuu-sen is barely noticeable, and usually she is a photographer, I don’t have an image of Mariko with this.

I’m scared that I found super noticeable NyanChuu-sen on Mariko-sama’s face when I met her at 2-shot photoshooting-event. (<- he is a lucky guy, I'm jealous...)

Okaro has ones too, though hers are quite thin.

So NyanChuu-sen is basically like this?

Nooo, Nyan-Chuu-sen only appears when she smiles! Moreover, it only appear when she grins rather than smile big.

So it only appear when she smiles in particular way.
Ok I gradually come to understand.

So what is the real name of NyanChuu-sen?!?! lol

Uhmmm actually I don’t like when girls have NyanChuu-sen on their faces…

Me too. It’s an only disappointing factor of Paruru for me….

 In my mind, I’ve called this ‘Neko’s bear’

After seeing other members’ NyanChuu-sen, I confirmed that Yui-chan’s one is the best.
I want to poke her NyanChuu-sen.

This is Paruru.

By the way I’ve long been in love with ‘that line’ on Takamina’s face…. I don’t know how I call it.

That line??? You’re talking about this?

Yes sir!

I believe it’s not only me who thought of that character in Sunday’s Television when looked at the title of this thread.

Yeah Yeah I think you are normal.

Original NyanChuu