6 KKS members of AKB48 got promotion!!!!!!

  June 24, 2012
from TGSK’s G+

6 KKS members got promotion!!!!!!

Togasaki Tomonobu on G+

Just a few moments ago, we announced the promotion of the following members. (10gen) Izuta Rina, Kobayashi Marina, Fujita Nana, (11gen) Kojima Natsuki, Natori Wakana, and Morikawa Ayaka.
These six members are finally able to stand on the starting line as AKB members. Please support them in their future endeavors. 

Their teams has yet been determined.

So all current 10gen and 11gen KKS could become regular members!!!!

Izurina….. finally tears you shed at SSA concert was paid off…..

Please forgive me…. I can’t stop tears….

Izuta Rina  born in Nov 26 1995, Nickname: Izuri~na
Kobayashi Marina  born in Feb 24 1996, Nickname: Marinchan
Fujita Nana  born in Dec 28 1996, Nickname: Naana
Kojima Natsuki  born in Mar 8 1995, Nickname: Nattsun
Natori Wakana  born in June 7 1995, Nickname: Wakanyan
Morikawa Ayaka  born in Mar 24, Nickname: Aaya (A~ya)

…. Obviously they will be the first members of team 8

Honestly it’s hurting that I won’t be able to see Nattun anymore on Ariyoshi Kyowakoku…. but…. congratulation for your promotion!!!

I can’t be happier with 10gen’s promotion…..

Their situation just looks like last year’s 9gen….. finally they will announce the creation of team 8 at Tokyo Dome!!!!

Kojima Haruna on twitter

Izurina, Nattsun, Wakanyan, Marinchan, Naana, A~yaloid have got promotion!!! They’re members of Kyowakoku-family!!! Congrats(бвб)♪

You know what?? While you are speculating the kick start of team 8 at Tokyo dome…. I’m worrying that 6 members of AKB48 would graduate…..

First of all, why don’t they return Jurina and Milky back to their original team…..

I’m perplexed that they didn’t promote Muto….

Reformation/Sokaku ASAP!!

Yeah…. without Reformation, there will be huge gap between A,K,B and 4,8….
Team 8 would be like team made out of “left-over”….

So even this management avoided promoting Mittsu at the speed of light lol

And we’ll announce new members to join team A.
The first one is Mitsumune Kaoru,
and the second one is Sashihara Rino from HKT, she will hold a concurrent position here.

LOL Bunshun will get aggressive even more.

Shinoda Mariko
Congrats for your promotion!!! Let’s move forward together \(^o^)/