AKB Songs That Have Kami-Intro vol.2

  June 15, 2012

Sweet Child O’ mine

Wow I know an intro you might like, it’s Mangekyou by SKE. I think it has something similar tune to Sweet child.

By the way, my personal best 3 intros are Sobakasu No Kiss, Kimisuki and Iiwake
そばかすのキス/Sobakasu no Kiss

ごめサマ/Gomen-ne Summer

Looking at AkiP’s GUGUTASU, he has meticulous taste to make intro…
Two Roses by SKE (Coupling to 1!2!3!4!Yoroshiku!)
ゼロサム太陽/Zero-sum Taiyou (Coupling to Uekara Mariko)
I kinda feel that intro part decide the almost half of the impression of the song.

Piano Intro of Nagiichi

I love the solitary feeling of hustle and bustle of Kimishika
君しか/Kimishika by No Sleeves
My favorite is Kimi to Niji to Taiyouto.
It may be partly because is mark the ending of the live Stage, it never fails to make me get excited, and if you ask me “what is the best song”, I would answer “I love Seventeen“, but because we are talking about intro, I pick this song as my best favorite.

君と虹と太陽と/Kimi to Niji to Taiyouto (a song from the album Kamikyoku tachi)
Ponytail to Chuchu. I guess tons of later songs are inspired by this one, as many have similar pattern of intros. Especially Nagiichi.

I think Nagiichi’s intro has something special…. say… I don’t feel wrong if it’s used as an entrance theme of pro-wrestlers.

青空片想い/Aozora Kataomoi 
背中から抱きしめて/Senaka kara Dakishimete A2nd Aitakatta 8th song
Personally I prefer to enjoy Mix without being disturbed by MIX, so my favorite is, naturally, songs which have good intros and don’t have MIX in the intro part, like… say Himawari, Oshibe to Meshibe to Yoru no Tyou-tyou.
向日葵/Himawari H1st Bokuno Taiyou 9th song
Oshibe to Meshibe no Yoru no Tyou-tyou K4th Saisyu-Bell ga Naru 9th

If you don’t like to listen to Mix, then you should just listen to Studio Recordings. Are you being sarcastic?
I mean I don’t like when they altered the rhythm of songs so that audience can call Mix easily.
AKB Sanjo!!/AKB参上 A5th Rennai Kinshi Jorei 15th
Both songs drive me to the peak of excitement.
The intro of Iiwake brings me sheer exaltation.
How wistful suddenness pervades Sakuragi….
Sakura no Ki ni narou
Love Chase A4th Tadaima Rennai Chu 15th song

Oops I forgot to mention Return Match.
リターンマッチ/Return Match K4th Saisyu-Bell ga Naru 6th song
ピノキオ軍/Pinocchio Gun S3rd Seifuku no Me 16th
Pareo. I love the fantastical mood in it’s intro.
摩天楼の距離/Matenrou no Kyori A6th Matenrou no Kyori 13th song
ずっとずっと/ZuttoZutto A6th Mokugekisya 16th song
少女は真夏に何をする/Shojo ha Manatsu ni Nani o Suru (Coupling to Gomen-ne Summer)
はーとが風邪をひいた夜/Heart ga Kaze wo Hiita Yoru H2th Yume o Shinaseru wakeniha Ikanai 16th song
Manatsu no SG! and Okidoki’s a brief part of the very beginning.
Shijin, of course. There are no song in this world that can stack up to this song’s intro, which instantly capture listeners’ heart
7時12分の初恋/7:12 no Hatsukoi A4th Tadaima Rennai Chu 5th song
愛の毛布/Ai no Moufu H2nd Yume wo Shinaseru Wakeniha ikanai 13th song
転がる石になれ/Korogaru Ishi ni nare K2nd Seisyun Girls 14th song

Kibou ni Tsuite by NO NAME

支え/Sasae ((Emotinal) Support) K4th Saisyu-Bell ga Naru 17th

Holly cow!! Haven’t anybody yet mentioned Pioneer?? What wrong with you guys!?!?!

Pioneer A6th Mokugekisya 17th (last) song
君のことが好きだから/Kimi no koto ga sukidakara 
青春のラップタイム/Seishun no Lap time (Coupling to Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shojo / N2nd Senshun Girls 15th song)
Kesshou. No brainer….
結晶/Kesshou by NMB48 (Coupling to OMG)

The intro of First Rabbit is just too awesome.
ファースト・ラビット/First Rabbit (Theme song of Documentary of AKB48 Shoujo-tachi wa Kizutsuki Nagara, Yume wo Miru, Girls are dreaming, going through emotional burden)