AKB Songs That have Kami-Intro

  June 14, 2012

Tell me you guys/Ota~~~~~!!!!

アイヲクレ/Aiwokure A6th Mokugekisya 12th song

DMT/Dear My teacher A1th Party ga Hajimaruyo 3rd song

竹内先輩/Takeuchi Senpai H1th (Himawari-gumi) Boku no Taiyou 10th

LOL How many times you repeat the same question…

Choose me! by Team Young Jump (Coupling to Sakura no Shiori)

君好き/Kimino kotoga Sukidakara by Undergirls (Coupling to RIVER)

Though I haven’t much heard the same opinion, I think their latest Manastu no SG! has actually nice intro.


夢を死なせるわけに/Yume wo Shinaseruwakeniha Ikanai H2th (Himawari-gumi) Yume wo Shinaseruwakeniha Ikanai 2nd song

RUNx3/RUNRUNRUN H1th (Himawari-gumi) Boku no Taiyou 2nd song

エビカツ/Everyday Cachucha

TYL/ Two Years Later B3rd Pajama Drive 11th song

I prefer songs that have different taste to typical idol tunes.
フラゲ/Flying Get

ンキーソウル/Yankee soul (Coupling to Everyday Cachuhca)

片φ/Kataomoi/ Kataomoi Finally

If you are talking about songs released this year, Oide Shampoo will own this battle.
Though this is Nogizaka’s song, this may be the best song among all AKB groups (incl NGZK)

I agree that Manatsu has a nice intro.

遠くにいても/Tookuni Itemo S2nd Te o Tsunaginagara 17th song

Shijin, of course…
恋を語る詩人になれなくて/Koi o Kataru Shijin ni Narenakute


Only Today’s Kami-intro is ruined by Ota’s hilarious MIX… lol
Only today A4h Tadaima Rennai Chuu 4th song

Actually I love Only Today, but it’s a bit disappointing so many Ota call MIX too early out of excitement…

いびつな真珠/Ibitsuna Shinju A6th Mokugekisya 4th song

I really like this song’s intro.
アイヲクレ/ Aiwokure

ジェラシーのアリバイ/Jealousy no Alibi S3rd Seifuku no me 11th song

There’s jut no rival for Ogoe Diamond.

RESET K6th RESET 2nd song

I can’t think of any song….

ミニスカートの妖精/ Miniskirt no Yousei A6th Mokugekisya 0th song (Pre-show act)

最終ベルが鳴る/SaishuBell ga Naru K4th SaishuBell ga Naru 3rd song