AKB Songs That make you feel so happy with the fact that you’re AKB Ota

  June 20, 2012

Wasshoi B! (Akpedia) B3rd Pajama Drive 15th song

Bacchi Koi K!! from “Gyomu Renraku Tanomuzo Katayama Buchou!! in SSA” (Internal Notice, We are counting on you Captain Katayama!! in SSA)

LOL I was gonna write the same song….. I think it’s the best song to heat up the mood!
Team B Oshi B5th Goddess of Theater 16th song

あなたは今日で有華ちゃん推し、ほらチ~ム~B~ “た・こ・や・き!!”
“Annata ha Kyou de Yuka-chan Oshi, Hola Team B”
“From today You’re Yuka-chan Oshi, Hola Team B!!!” “Ta・Ko・Ya・Ki!!”

Tadaima Rennaichu A4th Tadaima Rennaichu 1st song
Minasan mo Goissho ni B4th Idol no Yoake 3rd song

Hard times have been coming along,
And Japan is totally in a slump
At least for today
Let’s go shining!

Should we blame those big shots for this?
The future looks so bleak
But you young people!!
Let’s live without too much worrying about

Let’s stir up if you get low

Now you all together with AKB,
Let’s take stresses away!
Clap your hands,
And shout out to each other,
Everything will be reset.

The good times have gone away for too long,
And we can’t stir up ourselves to do anything,
When you have times like this,
What will you do?

If all you do is complaining,

Then happiness will go away from you,
So youngsters!!
Let’s forget bad things!!!
Even this no-good team
Looks forward and
And gives it their all
Now you all together with AKB,
Is No.1
Don’t feel shy!!
Come on let’s get more cheerful!!
Things will be alright!!
~Kashiwagi-chan’s MC in this case (members who play this part change daily)~

Aim! For that high tension!!
It’s the barometer for Happiness!!

Now you all together with AKB,
Let’s take stresses away!
Clap your hands,
And shout out to each other,
Everything will be reset.

Based on the translation work at Studio48 (modified)

After all, team B is the best…

Renai circus

Team B songs somehow make me grinning…..lol



Seishun no Laptime!!

So you mean songs that “Ota can join the performance, become a part of the show the most” right?

Wasshoi B and Team B Oshi.
By the way Bacchikoi K! is a parody of Wasshoi B so it’s not an official song…

When I listen to Ogoe Diamond live, I’ve soon come to the state that I can’t want to call “Suki!!”
I’m actually really grateful to Cindy (who first hyped Ota up  to make this call, and then has become official call)

Heavy Rotation and Aitakatta. All Newbie Ota at least perfectly learn these 2 songs before they enter the live concert venue.

Aitakatta & Skirt Hilari from TV who aired in 2006 
Shonichi. The circle from the beginning of the song and call, it’s more like excitement than fun as we can have a sense of unity and solidarity with all people in the venue.
Hikouki Gumo
I think Heary Rotation and Team B Oshi are kind of songs that you soon get bored of.
As for SKE, 1234? (1!2!3!4!ヨロシク)

OkiDoki is also sooooo much fun!!

This ridiculously hyped up feeling when they perform UhhoUhhoho live!!!

It’s very easy for NMB, cos nothing can beat Senshun no Laptime!

Tadaima Rennaichu and Namida no Shounan performed by SKE

To be continued (source)