AkiP Mentioned Rino Sashihara on G+ – Sashiko To Join The Broadcasting For tonight’s ANN with AkiP and Acchan

  June 15, 2012

AkiP on G+ 12:18PM June 15

This evening I will join ANN.
Because all members are busy (for the filming of MV), Atsuko Maeda and I will host the show this time.
But it’s difficult to fill the time only with Maeda and me.
Besides…. she will join the filming on location early in the next morning…
So… I may be going to call members one by one.
I will call Sashihara,who has now become topic of everyone, too.

I have tons of songwriting works which have exceeded the deadline.
People at record labels…. I’m sorry……
They will get delayed further.

To staffs.
You don’t have to prepare the scenario of the program.
We’ll just let it flow.

AKB48 official blog on 11PM  June 14

We are sorry for the late announcement.

Here we announce the schedule of revue stage on 20th June. Please note the casts and the schedule of the show may be changed due to unexpected problems and other reasons (<- template phrase) -June 20 2012 A6th Mokugekisya Stage-

Natsumi Matsubara – Seitansai

Cast: Misaki Iwasa, Aika Ohta, Shizuka Ohya, Haruka Katayama, Asuka Kuramochi, Haruna Kojima, Rino Sashihara, Aki Takajo, Minami Takahashi, Haruka Nakagawa, Ami Maeda, Natsumi Matsubara, Rina Izuta, Wakana Natori, Nana Fujita, Ayaka Morikawa

(We will soon update further stories on this topic.)