Astounding Drawing by NMB48 Kinoshita Momoka (Watch out, Shocking material!)

  June 19, 2012

NMB48 Kinoshita Momoka “Don’t mix it up!! It’s too dangerous!!”

AKB arts club exhibition official website
LOL She is consistent to herself…..
I think they need to put the caution sign, like “Watch out!! These contain shocking images!!”
LOL (Maybe she warned by the title because) The title of her face portrait drawing is “Don’t mix it up! It’s too dangerous!”
 It looks like actually one of her artworks has got banned…. It’s called “Chopped head”….

KuriQ on twitter (a fan)

I was at the art exhibition. Momoka was awesome!! I wondered why I couldn’t found her artworks in three-dimension artwork section, but it turned out that it looks like she made “Chopped head” (from Mita Mao’s g+) and got rejected lol

Mariyanne on her blog 4/30

It was a really fun handshake event~~~!!
I’m worried about the cosplay of SKE’s Kinoshita Momoka-chan
Ma “It looks like so painful…. are you okay?”
Mo “Yes, sir! This is my hobby(^-^)”
What a funny and Kawaii girl Momoka is!! I enjoyed her so much(^q^)

So is this that girl who re-take election appeal video this year??? lol

I don’t remember where but I saw the photo of her in Shinkansen in the exactly same costume…..

Oh yes, I thought her manager should stop her because this would scare and annoy other passengers.

And another incident is that she got on Shikansen in maid Cosplay (from Osaka) and directly headed for Shueisha Publishing….

Maybe there’re some people who don’t know this so please let me explain.

The initial reason she started getting on Shikansen in this costume was because in the early days, NMB didn’t allow members to do cosplay at handshake event.
But Momoka, who is AniOta and eager to do cosplay insisted that her cosplay costume is actually her ordinary clothes. “So you can commute in this costume”, NMB’s management quipped, “Of course I do.”, Momoka answered. That’s how things progressed to current state…. lol

Anyway, without making herself stand out by things like this, she would be forever Kenkyusei,

(She didn’t stand out and wasn’t unique at all back when team N was created.)
With this eccentric character, she got her position in team M and was even selected for Senbatsu.

Kinoshita Momoka discography

Mikazuki no Senaka by Aka-gumi (Coupling to Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shojo)

Hosyokusya tachiyo by Aka-gumi (Coupling to O-M-G)

Migi e Magare (Coupling to Junjo 19)

Boku ga mousukoshi daitan nara (Coupling to Nagiichi)

Other artworks of her include…..
“Huh? You’re gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross gross.

“Huh? I have no interest in you, by the way. Where did you get that wrong idea? Stop it!! You are seriously disgustingー”

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Okaro and Paruru, this unlikely pair is actually pals!?

Akimoto Sayaka

Paruru~~~ My shining glare( ͒꒪̛ཅ꒪̛ ͒)✧

It looks like  Okaro and Paruru have become buddies.

Shimazaki Haruka
∧ ▶・◀
(=・ 。・=) 
Akimoto Sayaka
PalSystem!! PalSystem!!
Okaro….. so this is connected with  this topic right?? lol I found this from UnderGirls thread.

From fan report of Handshake event (Twitter)

This is a conversation I had yesterday with Sayaka-chan.
During whole breaks between the filming of Under Girls single, Okaro was singing “ParuParuParuParuSystem♪”, frolicking and sleeping on Paruru….. She said Paruru was annoyed with her… lol
And she asked my consent, saying “Don’t you think Paruru looks like angry Kitty-chan?” with a gesture and making her eyebrow handsomely arched….. lol

Warota…. lol

I somehow feel smell of getting old from conversation between you and her…..

Probably Sayaka had been drunk as she celebrated her mom’s birthday and father’s day.

Akimoto Sayaka

I celebrated my mother’s birthday and father’s day( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

I found this story from UnderGirls thread, too.

Sayaka was talking with Milky and Paruru whole time during the filming of Under Girls!!! lol This is surprising, isn’t it!! lol

LOL Just picturing the scene of these 3 girls talking together makes me spewed my coffee !!
What these 3 girls talk about anyway !!! lol

Paruru and Okaro are I think totally different characters lol

Yeah, they are different as man and woman…

Okay, so she is trying to nurture junior members, like she said in commentary “Karen!! Talk more!!” to cheer her up.