Can you explain why you can still be Sashihara Rino’s fan?

  June 29, 2012

Can you explain why you can still be Sashihara Rino's fan?

So how did you decide you continue being Sashiko Ota?

I would rather want to ask why I should stop being her fan.
Don’t say, “Because she is not a virgin anymore”, by the way. lol

Because what I expect from her is her limitless Hetare character and tough nerve that makes her able to just shrug it off.
Of course I still be Sashiko Oshi.

But…. I don’t think the way news reported her scandal, how TV shows treated her lately is not interesting at all, but they were rather awful. So, it this situation would continue, I might keep distance from her…

But… as I read through critical comments for her, I’m stunned that how much you guys expected “idol-ness” from Sashihara and liked her as an idol in an orthodox sense…

But really? Do you really expect virginity from Sashihara!?

Her remark has been not reliable since a long time ago, and she has often been a liar since a long time ago, too.
But I liked whole personality of Sashihara including these things which for normal people may be a bit annoying, and she has a cute aura. That’s why I give her a push.

Probably it’s a feeling against her Anti.
Maybe their state of mind is…. like “Poor Sassy, she got so much bashing….”
That’s my guess.

I think when her Anti has decreased, her fans would also decrease.

I want you to make it clear.
You decided to continue being her fan after you’ve overcome the series of reports and events or… do you still believe it was a fake story and she is innocent and a virgin… which is your case?

Still? Uhmm I haven’t thought she has never had a boyfriend or is still a virgin since a couple of years ago.
But it’s difficult to suddenly turn to dislike her as she actually has a very good nature. She has visited Tsunami-hit area for several times since short after the disaster…
10 Steps to become a true Sashi Ota

1. Hell, so this slut is not a virgin!! Damn!
2. I’ll never ever support her, again!!
3. No matter how you apologize, It won’t change my mind!
4. Uhmm she has become rarely updating her blog….. I think she’s got a bit too much bashing…..
5. She is crying again lol she even has a running nose….. I somehow started feeling sorry for her…
6. Soredemo Sukidayo…..
7. Should I forgive her? Is this what’s meant to be Sashi Ota?
8. Hooray! Sassy is on TV!! It somehow makes me feel at peace….
9. I realized…. it’s not about whether she had a boyfriend or not, she is an idol way beyond such things!!!
10. I can’t see nothing but Rino-chan!!!!!!
Reason why I’m Sassy Ota? Because there’s Sassy…. As long as there’s Sassy, she is my Oshi.
If there’s another reason, I think it’s “ignorance of refutation”.
When we face a shocking experience, we unconsciously ignore it and exchange with something else.
In Sashihara’s case, we’ve known how she was like when she was Chuuni (8th grader), so we replaced the true issue with a sentiment that “We’ve already known she has had misconducts”….
So we unconsciously make ourselves feel in a way that not hurt ourselves so much while actually in our rational mind we know it’s hurting so much.
I think it’s just like Pachinko.
When you invested too much, you can’t quit anymore.
You stop Pachinko when a Pachinko machine’s setting is so unfair for you that you have no chance to win.
As for Sashihara, we still have a chance to win.
I can believe you guys still continue supporting Sashihara…. it’s almost like a joke…

If she still gets a single digit spot in the next election, I will respect and believe in you.

It’s a religious devotion.

I love how she was asked questions like “So did you have sex with him” which is absolutely not a question to ask idols.

But this defenselessness of her makes me like her…

I can’t understand why you guys want her to be a virgin….. lol

Sure, in AKB, relationship with men is prohibited so she may need to get a some kind of penalty, but really? You can’t be a fan of an idol when she is not a virgin?? lol It sounds like a joke for me.
Think about the original meaning of the word “idol”….
It’s natural to superimpose your ideal image of a girl to your favorite idol.
And…. men often ( instinctively ) require women to be virgins.

Who in the world has become Sashihrara-Oshi if he has an idea like “Idol must follow this ideal image of a girl!!”

I don’t expect any kind of idol-ness from her!
She is my Oshi just because she is dummy and dumb but she is absolutely funny to the extent I even feel respect for her.

If someone wants his Oshimen to be a virgin, I think he would normally go for Mayuyu-san…..

I think you shouldn’t make a fuss about her “lip service”.

It’s not so rare to hear that idols say she hasn’t had any boyfriends.
And then it turned out to be a lie…. but why we’ve already known it’s a lie, haven’t we?

Even though it’s “lip service”, I think there’s a certain limit that she shouldn’t exceed.
Everything was lie….. if so, I feel it’s difficult to accept her as a person…

I’ve been seeing this girl through the eyes of father in the first place, so…. recent situations have made me more concern and care about her….
Anyway I understand everyone has different answers….

It looks like there’re so many people that are getting angry with the fact that they’ve never heard she has had a boyfriend in the past. But if you are a fan of her, you know about what she did when she was Chuuni (8th grader), so I thought you’ve understood her remark “I haven’t had boyfriends” was just a lip service…

But most of Sashihara’s fans are noobs, I guess, so most of them don’t know her episode when she was Chuuni (8th grader).
Some even asked “why she is here?” when they were watching revival Stage of team B…..orz
I often saw that Sashihara’s behavior was different from others at events or Stages, concerts……… And thought, “what she is thinking?” Actually she was trying various things to draw fans attention and get connected with fans.
I think we should separate “being loose about men” and “to work hard and do fantastic job”.

Anyway, I think nobody who’s ever seen Sashihara’s saucy MC in B3rd could believe she is Hetare. lol

I’ve never believed her remark like she hasn’t ever had any boyfriend,
and I was thinking to just continue supporting her, but…..
After I heard horrible rumor about her, I feel I can’t support her as I used to be.
I think I won’t vote for her next year….. but…… I can’t dislike her, too! Mysterious!
It’s like…. having a poor little sister.
It can’t be helped….. what I can do is just be her side….
After I saw how much Anti were trying to crush her, I’ve somehow become determined that I’ll support her as much as possible.

How can I say…?

She is so unlucky?
She has been slammed more than even most of murderers….. and that’s why I’m attracted to her and want to support her…. it’s like…. “Why she can easily pull so many haters? She is so poor but so cute♪”

I don’t want to give into Anti. I don’t want to deny what I’ve done as Sashiko Ota.
So… I will stay away from her as I have sorted out my mind over time……

By the way, nowadays, it’s so difficult to find Ota who gets mad when it turns our his favorite idol isn’t a virgin.
What I was disappointed in Sassy is her attitude that she is still trying to cover up the truth after having lied a lot to her fans, and her slut-like mentality to send that kind of sexual photos to someone….

I think they are just feeling self-satisfaction to encourage a wounded girl….

It’s just because I don’t find a single bit of fun in throwing harsh words to a wounded girl.

Because Sashihara Anti are too nasty, I’ve somehow become wanted to cheer her up.

So most of them who are still Sashihara Oshi have reached the point where they have a sage view on scandals etc…..

What I like is Sashihara as an idol, so I have no interest in knowing her private life.

I still can’t decide……
I admit that she is an awesome show-biz personality.
She always gives it everything even she is sitting at a tiered platform.
But that all the more make me feel so sorry that they managed this matter in a very halfway manner.

By keeping the credibility of the article grey, they are keeping Ota in agony…..

I don’t feel sorry for Sashihara anymore, but rather, it’s so heart breaking to see her Ota who are tying to make a weird interpretation of the story just to prove her innocence….

“But that all the more make me feel so sorry that they managed this matter in a very halfway manner.”
I agree with this point. It’s close to an issue of corporate compliance.

They need to apologize for the things they should apologize, and give her a proper penalty such as suspending her membership for one month etc.
Most of this Anti sentiment is created by people around her who are trying to milk everything out of this scandal, and that somehow made even Sashihara herself look immoral…..
It’s mostly Akimoto-san and management’s fault…..

I’m still Nacchan Oshi!!

When Sashihara said in ANN, I thought to quit being her Ota…..

But…. for me, who has been Sashihara Oshi for years,
It’s not at all interesting to support other members…..

So after all, I decided to forgive her and forgot her past….. and returned to her team….