Election tickets should be bundled with Chocolate snacks!!!!! (and 3 other stories on Tokumitsu-san, Wasamin and Churi)

  June 11, 2012

TV caption showed G+ comment of Internet tough girl, Wasamin

(Caption) Wasamin “Aichan (Lovetan) Kawaii hummmm (`Д’;) I wanna eat you.”
LOL Wasamin’s pervert comment on G+ became TV caption!!
That’s a good sign, Wasamin!! Go for the breakthrough!!

Whatta!?!? Warota’s new members between Mayuyu and Lovetan!!!!

LOL She is completely being Warota member….

I thought Churi was also wearing Warota7s costume!!

*Warota: acronym for 渡り廊下走り隊7/Watariroka Hashiritai7

Erepyon’s new song is actually nice!

So the radio started playing a nice song…. I was thinking “who sings this song?”
Then it’s Erepyon!!! lol I spewed my coffee out lol

Well… actually I spewed Caffe Latte out!

I thought “Harukyan” was emulating “Sashiko”…..lol

I think she got an inspiration from kyarypamyupamyu

At this point, I think Harukyan has already become cuter than her…..

I don’t get it. If this is a kind of song she wants to sing, then why she’s quit AKB48?

It looks like you knows nothing about the history….

Anyway, she’s degraded…… compared to her divine figure in Ogoe Diamond, Junen Zakura and Iiwake Maybe….

Erepyon is ridiculously cute in Boku no Taiyo….

Why they chose this title (“Erepyon”<-her nickname is song's title) for this lyric!?!?
(I’ve never heard the song so I have no idea how mismatch they are…)

Her costume is exactly the one for “orthodox idol”. I saw her in person at the event, and yeah… she was actually so cute!!!

*Erena Ono (Erepyon): Former member of team K, AKB48 (2gen)

SKE’s legendary fashion guru Churi



From Anna Ishida’s (SKE48) blog post


After all, Churi is da best LOL
I love every single thing that has to do with her LOL


Actually this girly-ness in a bad sense is what makes her all the more attractive!

LOL Photos she uploaded on her GUGUTASU account are by far girlier than the photo above.

After served as MC for AKB48 2-4th general elections , Tokumitsu-san still can place faces with names of only 6 members

Kazuo Tokumitsu along with 2 AKB48 members, Sae Miyazawa and Yui Yokoyama, guested TV show Akko ni Omakase yesterday, on 10th June. During the broadcasting of the show, he confessed he can place faces with names of only 6 members of AKB48, despite he’s been MC of AKB48 general election since it’s 2nd year.
“I know names of these 2 girls (SaeYui).” “But some members have really difficult names…. so honestly this is all I can do…..”
Because this year, the election was live broadcast for the first time on FujiTV, “I felt a pressure because there was a mood to announce fast at Budo-Kan.”, Tokumitsu-san confessed that it was the hardest to fill in the time during commercials (and interviews with Sashiko… lol).
He also revealed the episode where AkiP talked to him, “It’s gonna be interesting if this girl (Yuko) will win the election”, which means information secrecy of the election result had been applied to even AkiP.
(Skip) When Tokumitsu-san boasted, “Don’t you think it’s awesome this 71 y/o man knows Sashiko or Mayuyu.” Other casts immediately quipped, “Then who the rest two members you know!?!?”


Tokumitsu-san “If only it were Yomiuri Giants…. then I can easily name everyone”

Does her know Omori (KKS of AKB48) is a daughter of former Yomiuri Giants player Omori?

Yokoyama (held face-to-face talk with him for the bonus video of Peraperaperao (type-B))
Miyazawa (because she makes regular appearances in the horse racing news TV show)
Reika Yamada (her father is professional cycle raser)

I guess members who he knows are these 6 members.

I think it’s nice that he keeps a certain distance from AKB48 rather than going inward.
I appreciate his role as a MC because he has both professional MC skill and dignity of a leading figure in this business.

Election tickets should be bundled with Chocolate snacks!!!!!

Honestly I don’t want to buy tons of the same record!!! So I came up with this idea – I can eat tons of chocolate snacks.
So they gotta bundle election tickets with wafer sandwich filled with chocolate!!!

Genius emerged.

Nice idea chubby boy!!

I seriously agree with you, but I seriously think record sales is one of the most effective ways to get media attention….

I can pay 1,600JPY for CD, but I kinda feel 1,600JPY is too expensive for a chocolate snack…

I never heard of Snack sales ranking…
Or does there really exist “Oricon Snack Ranking”???

Chocolate snack is cheaper than CD.

People buy tons of snacks

They can’t eat up everything

They dispose the snacks….

The thing is how they can count this as CD sales.
So if they sell this as “writable Media”, then we can reduce waste and it’s more eco-friendly!

So our conclusion is “edible CD”?

Why don’t they sell with Japanese government bond of 1000yen?
Though I’m not sure that there really is 1000yen bond.

Then it will help improve Japan’s financial difficulties while Ota can get something that has economic value,  it actually serve a dual purpose !!

Though this is a bit off topic, I think it’s gonna be interesting if they launch chocolate snacks bundled with members’ photo stickers just like Bikkuriman-choco!

Wikipedia: Bikkuriman-choco

Super Bikkuriman was a waffle peanut and chocolate snack made by Lotte that sold for 30 yen at the time. It came with one randomly assorted Bikkuriman bonus sticker which was used to play a simple tag like game that required the players to stick the sticker onto their foreheads…..

And the most unlucky card is….. Yasusu? lol

So it’s gonna be like popular members card has glitzy design?

So let me give you a serious answer,
if Oricon starts to count “music downloads” as record sales, then they can sell digital contents with serial codes for voting . Everything will be settled….

This story further goes on to the discussion about the a critical comment on AKB48’s marketing strategy to drive up sales by containing an election ticket in a record made by one Japanese lawmaker. In short, Yoshinori Kobayashi, mangaka and hard core AKB Ota (Yuko and Miorin-Oshi as long as he hasn’t yet done Oshi-hen) and several other famous Ota took a stand against his comment. Yoshinori’s blog (in Japanese), Uno’s tweet, Lobster, Matomember

Uno (Yoshinori’s friend): “There’re people who are thriving in a way what we can’t understand. It seems like there’s a big movement.” -> If this sentiment/social uneasiness prevails, then gradually the society will have a mood with which people may think it’s alright to keep a prejudiced attitude and bash them.”
“As one of AKB48 fan, I also don’t think everything AKB’s management does is all correct, and there’re a lot of things I want them to improve… So I’m a typical annoying Ota lol
But in a completely different level from them, I feel a dangerous sentiment from these series of AKB bashing or AKB bashing “boom” after the election.”
Yoshinori: 「我々はアンチと断固戦うぞ
“We swear we will never succumb to Anti, and battle against them!!”