Footage from June 15 broadcast of ANN will be aired in Kayoukyoku (And Harukyan’s heart touching word to Sashihara)

  June 17, 2012

Footage from June 15 broadcast of ANN will be aired in Kayoukyoku

The moment Sashihara was told her transfer from Mr.Akimoto will be aired in June 19 broadcast of Kayoukyoku. To collect the material for Documentary movie, AKB members activity is being filmed all the time, and the scene from June 15 broadcast of ANN was also recorded by the camera. Kayokyoku is interested in the footage and engaging in the negotiation with AKB side. The release of the footage of Sashihara’s teary apology and the following announcement of her transfer, which is one of the most sensational incident of AKB48, will likely attract public attention.

Heart touching words of Harukyan to the same generation’s peer, Sashihara

Ishida Haruka

(During the broadcast of ANN)

Going to Hakata from tomorrow!!??!!??

You are teasing me, right?????

10PM Yesterday 

I was at the performances!!

I apologize if I made some people upset or uncomfortable with the comment I made during the live broadcasting of All Night Nippon last night.

I understand that not everybody feel the same way as I do…

I personally do not want the same generation’s Ace member to remain whining.

I want her to look forward and move on.

No matter what color of cards you get, Yellow or even Red, Sashihara is the same Sashihara, no matter where you will be.

I don’t feel it’s right to send her out to HKT-san in a sentimental mood, regardless of what the reason behind the transfer.

HKT has their hope and dreams for the future.

I hope that after Sashihara joins HKT, HKT will be enlivened more than ever.

I know a regular member got yellow cards and demoted to KKS when I was KKS…. (She is talking about Saotome)

However as long as that experience help them and people around them learn and build something, I think it is all worthwhile.

As your peer 5th generation member I am supporting you.