Fresh Lemon Debuts Her Bikini Body!! (and one other story about Sayaka and Komorin)

  June 4, 2012

Fresh Lemon’s first Bikini photos (with Komorin)!!

That’s a good news!!

LOL She looks like a primary school child…. lol

This is legal, you guys! Don’t worry…. This is legal…!!

B66 W52.5 H74…. lol
Is she seriously 18 yeas old??

Note: Lemon is 5 months older than Komorin

Yoshirin (Mangaka) is crying for tears! ! lol

“Washism” written by  Yoshinori Kobayashi
“My current Oshi-men is, without a single doubt, Miorin!!! (Miori Ichikawa)”

“Yuko Oshima is in a different league! Yuki Kashiwagi is my 2-Oshi!!
And I’m paying close attention to SKE members, Rena Matsui, Kanako Hiramatsu and Shiori Ogiso!!”

I was thinking it was a fairy, but then I found that it’s Miorin!!!
“Miorin!! I’m a huge fan of you!!!
I’m always paying huge attention to you, at AKB theater, I’m always finding you performing on the stage!!!
You are so tiny~~~~! Your face is so tiny as well~~~~~~!!”

So where is cleavage of her breasts?

It’s so rare to see the girl whose cleavage is that difficult to see…

You know what? She is always with this plane, flat fields below her eyes lol

Take aside Miorin’s flat chest, what happened to Komori??
She looks somehow different…

As always scan-quality is awful….

He deliberately degrade the quality so that publisher overlooks this copyright violation.

Miorin kawaii~~~!!

I guess some comments here are made by Yoshinori….

So I am not particularly interested in this girl,
But can I ask if you have these pictures with better scan quality?????

↑LOL Be honest to your feeling.

French Lemon’s light makeup reminds me of 80’s idols.

I can’t make her my Oshi-men, but I have to admit that she is a cute girl.

It’s like I saw something I am not allowed to see…

I am rather surprised with this photo where she exposed her forehead and eyebrows!!!

I’m rather surprised with Minarun’s booooon booooooooooooobs!!!

Komori and Okaro have been mobile-mail friends!!

Mika Komori on G+

“Sayaka-chan loves peanuts butter!!!
When I sent her a text message, surprisingly, she replied to me with a message full of Kawaii Emoji~~~(^^)

Mika Komori on G+

“(since she forgot to mention which Sayaka, she put this photo)”

Okaro…. lol

Mobile-mail friends with Okaro…. lol

The huge impact that this photo brings, and mobile-mail friends thing…. I’m confused so much.

So Komori calls Sayaka Sayaka-chan??

Okaro…. don’t eat on the futon lol

I was wondering which Syaka she was talking about.
Then it turned out Okaro…. it’s a bit surprising.

I thought this Sayaka might be Nakayan, who may be the most unlikely girl to be her mail friends.
Or…. Sayanee.
But Okaro?? I didn’t even think of her!!

Just to note, Komori has loved Okaro since long ago.
They talk about Takarazuka musical.

Okaro-> Kikuchi -> Komori.
That’s how they get connected.

Okaro is really loved by junior members!!