Harukyan: ‘Mo….Momiman’

  June 11, 2012

Momiman night

Amina on G+

Nacchi forcibly inserted MOMIMAN into my cleavage.

Haruka Ishida “Phew…..”
Haruka Ishida “Forcibly….. That all the more arouses my imagination… Phew….”
Phew…. or ふぅ…. means of course, your relief after you complete when you go south as one of your daily(?) routine.
Momiji Manju is one of the Specialties of Hiroshima prefecture, and one kind of Manju.
Momiji means a maple leaf

But the point is…. MOMI also means “Rub women’s Oppai!!!” MAN has very adult meaning, too, which I can’t dare to say….

LOL Those guys….

Forcibly insert into Amina’s Moriman……
What I respect about Amina is she cleverly showed her lips in the photo!!

Okay…. so it seems Amina’s hunting spirit is ignited.

Natsuki Satoh “Amina-chan’s MORIMAN….. (´Д` )ハァハァ<- sexually excited

Ero-Nacchi~~~~~ OUT!!!
LOL They completely crossed the line.

N may have a wrong idea that this would help her gain fans lol

Rina Chikano “Team B’s backroom is so much funny. Momima~~N

Haruka Ishida “Can I ask you for collaborative photo of Mominan and bare legs.”
Team B got “Milky effect”!!!!!
Guys!! This is what AkiP calls “Chemistry”!!!!!!
Waruky virus is ridiculously contagious !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Haruka Ishida on G+

N-san’s bare legs and Mo…. MOMIMAN…. Phew….

What the heck is this organized flirting !!!!!
Momiman…in between legs…… OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Okay I will call Amina MOMINA from tomorrow…
AMAZING!!! They are perfectly prepared to welcome Milky!!!

Haruka Ishida on G+

Today’s Team B’s stage is over . \(^o^)/
I had a good sweat .(^o^)/

It may be a belated Hentai act <- this is my translation
I will also try doing the MOMIMAN craze . (^q^)
It’s the MOMIMAN from N . ☆ (N=Natsumi)

Put that MOMIMAN away!!!!!!!!!

MOMIMAN and ChapuChapu, I once again convinced, word choice reflects on person’s personality…..

Haruka Ishida on G+

We (team B) are buzzing with talk of MOMIMAN in the backroom
Man… I feel sorry for Momiji Manju…”