Haruna Kojima: When I heard I was in 11th Place, Pasta didn’t go down my Throat (and 4 other stories on Yuko, Tomochin, Fansub and election public viewing)

  June 6, 2012

NyanNyan: When I heard my early result, I was so disappointed that I couldn’t eat pasta anymore….

“I was so disappointed that I couldn’t eat pasta anymore….”

With the Producer of Ariyoshi Kyowakyoku, Ryouta Takeda

(бвб) I have always a room for cake though~~~

If only she share this episode with fans before…..

I would vote for her more….

I eat bread instead of pasta  (бвб))♪ 

(If they can’t eat pasta, then) Let them eat Udon
LOL Why you’re being such a Marie Antoinette.

Despite this episode, Nyan-san looks a little plump.
Please bear this stress until this year’s election will end….
After the election, let her graduate…. She’s done enough in AKB48.

This show explains that she lost appetite due to stress and nervousness.
But I think that the real Kojiharu is a kind of person who will eat more when she is stressed.
And I think because she rarely gets emotional outwardly, she tend to pile up stress inside of her???

(бвб) I wanted to talk about my worry with someone…But….. I didn’t have worry in the first place♪

I hope this is gonna be her last election…..
My scenario is that 1gen and Mariko-sama will graduate before the next election….
Then everyone will realize how great 1gen and Mariko-sama were.
Somehow their conversation goes the way that Nyan severely ranked down… lol


“You don’t mind!?!?!?”
“I mind sooooo much!”

Because Ota didn’t put effort on sprint start, she failed to eat pasta~~~~.

It’s too late too say this, but I wanted them to air this program last week….

After Kayoukyoku is also all about promoting Shashihara….

AkiP “What AKB48 stands for is “Miracle” of Rino Sashihara
“I didn’t have aura of glamour at all (about when I was 14 y/o).”
Hello Ota
“I admired them, but it’s more about that I was thinking that they were amazing.”
“I had somehow hold a thought that I want to be an idol/”
“What if Sashihara would really become No.1??”
“Why you’re talking like that?? (as if it would be disastrous.)”

She will almost certainly rank up from 11th, but, this year, it’s gonna be a tough result for her….

Ranking will affect many of other works.
She may not be selected if 6-7 members of AKB48 will make TV appearance,
After the last election, this happened to Yukirin and Tomochin that Yukirin had replaced Tomochin in many TV shows.
I wish her not to join the election next year…
She is really suffering this time…..
She was like suppressing tears in Kayoukyoku….
By the ways this episode of Kayoukyoku was like Sashiko special.
Though Nyan also made a lot of appearance in this broadcast, I feel a bit frustrated….
I’m expecting for Ariyoshi Kyowakoku!!
I’ve already reached the point that I don’t mind her ranking as long as she’s in top10.
Probably this is going to be her last stand,
And graduation of all 1gen members including 1.5gen Mariko would be announced within this year at the earliest… and before the next general election at the latest…
What made AKB48 today is 1gen’s blood, sweat and tears….
Folks like Sashihara only knows AKB48 in established state, so she is a type of person who will find herself in tough situation when AKB goes downhill.

AKB48 Cafe & Shop Akihabara host Public Viewing for the election

As we previously announced the election will be broadcast on Fuji TV and Youtube.

We will host Public Viewing of this broadcast at the places listed below.

AKB48 Cafe & Shop Akihabara (18:00~)
Content of broadcast: FujiTV
Cafe & Bar Rooney 208 (17:30~)
Content of broadcast: FujiTV and Youtube

I guess AKB Cafe will soon be filled with Ota….

Why don’t they hold this in other AKB Shop and Cafe??
I’m living in the place near AKB Cafe & Shop Fukuoka, so if they will host the same event, I’ll definitely attend.

AKB48 Cafe & Shop is too small for this event…. why they didn’t rent out Tokyo Dome??

Tomomi Itano made an appearance in afternoon TV show Hanaharu Market

ChiTomo-san….. you’re so cute… !!

Tomochin was so cute in TV show Hanaharu!! (She never fails to be cute by the way… I’m envious of her lol)(
Because of her, many people, who are otherwise never get interested in AKB, have come to recognize and appreciate AKB.
I want her to rank up in this election☆!!

Tomomi Itano on G+

“Because it’s morning , I was supposed to talk in a refreshing manner . LOL Did I ? LOL I was tensed !! Everyone was so kind . ♡”

No matter how many times I see her, she is always cute…. I’ll never get bored of her….

Fansub Kojiharu Election Campaign

Yuko Oshima in underwear for anan pictorial

Ohhhh (*´Д`)

The front cover photo… it’s a bit disappointing…. she is by far attractive in the second one!!

Yuko is so cute! I’ll buy this issue!!

Honestly speaking, at a first glance it looks like a diaper…. (´・ω・`)

Ohhhh (*´Д`) (<- Gasp because of getting captivated too much.)