Is it only me who was deeply moved when KK hugged Okaro

  June 7, 2012

They both had really nice expression(´;ω;`)
And members are warmly smiling as they are looking at them….

I will never get bored with this scene.
Though this is a real scene, it was so dramatic as if it was a scene from a movie.

Yeah it was like a movie 😉
Umechan’s Senbatsu made me so happy, but KK’s win was also really really moving….

I couldn’t help but laughing as Sayaka was crying like a man for his dear girl!!

Personally this was the climax of this election.

It was touching….
I almost thought, “Why don’t you marry!!”

If only I could see Yukirin embrace Haachan

Uhmm that was not necessarily a happy result for Haachan as she ranked down from 2nd election…

Actually I usually don’t like Okaro. But I must admit her manly cry for KK should be appreciated by more people.

I’m not sure if you can watch it on TV or Youtbe, but Yuko also was crying…

How amazing this couple is….
This is definitely one of the highlights of this election….

When asked who is her good friend in AKB, Sayaka always give KK’s name

It was a heart touching moment….
She got attention this year, so  I wanted her to increase more and join the same group as Sayaka.

These 2 girls are sometime like best friends, sometimes brothers, and sometimes lovers….
This reminded me of AX‘s MVP announcement when Okaro cried for Kana’s MVP winning.

I really respect KK Ota… they did their best for Kana
It was so moving that Ota’s wish finally realized….

Kana’s speech video….
Look! Thumbnail is Okaro’s manly cry!! (on google plus)

Okaro… why you are standing up when other member’s name was called lol!!

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