It looks like one week later Kitarie will turn 21….

  June 20, 2012

Time runs so fast….
That girl, Kitarie, will turn 21!!??
It’s something I still can’t believe to be true…

So can I ask you why you chose Kitarie? lol

Uhmmm because her birthday is one week later….

Oh bro…. then you will have an unimaginable amount of shock once July roles around…
Maeda, Kashiwagi, Itano and Rena will all become 21.

It’s more surprising that Manatsu will turn 16 this year…..

Kikuchi Ayaka will be 18.

Harugon will also become 21 next year!!!!

Yuko turning 24 is surprising….. or I should say…. I feel shocked.

So KK used to be a center of team K…. What kind of weird twist is this?

Erepyon has become really cute….

And a little over one year later, Noro-san and Meetan (大堀恵/Ohori Megumi) will become 30….

For me, Harugon having turned 20 and Mayuyu 18 give me deep emotion…..

So everyone will become adult….

Una-chan is really nice lately.
It looks like she got slimmer.

But… I think Una-chan has got really matured and now exactly looks like 21 y/o.

I’ve never changed my feeling toward members because of them getting older. Our age difference will never change.
As Mariko-sama is still and will ever be older than me, as log as she is in AKB48, I can never feel awkward to love AKB48.
Though I think when idols get older, fewer people would become fan of her.
By the way, you know, Ucchii is still 18y/o.

I don’t care what you guys are talking about, but the point is women become the most beautiful when she is 23. So Kitarie still hasn’t revealed all of her potential yet!!

She can grow more.
You know, Unagi is more delicious when it gets plenty of fat.

She could have got current position because of Sashihara’s enormous breakthrough. The same can be true to other Chihou-gumi members….

In the past, she was more popular than Sashihara!

Oh come on… this is you guys fault that made her post this comment…..

Kitahara Rie

Good morning . ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

A friend of mine , who was in the same club with me in high school, sent a lot of old photos in our group mail . ^-^*

I miss those times. I also feel that time runs so fast .
I find it hard to believe that I will be turning 21 soon . (((( ;゚д゚))) trembling

LOL This is too timely. She was obviously looking at this thread.

She has become looking like Nakama Yukie…..