Let’s know more about Kojima Haruna with pictures!

  June 29, 2012

Real-life Hentai magnet aka Kojima-san from Saitama prefecture.

Her finger making “10” were the opposite whole time but she hadn’t noticed after all.

Kojima-san is interested in Gaga.

She was so cute as a child.

She automatically grows her rabbit ear when she sleeps.

Kojima-san remembered theme song of Urawa Reds diamond and appeared in team’s official paper.

Kojima-san is never blurred (both in terms of photographing and personality).

She is now engaging the infiltration operation.

She has had a perfect figure since she was a elementary school kid.

She once said the CD she bought for the first time in her life is Midnight Shuffle, but she completely forgot it answered the title of completely different single in another interview.

She has come out that she is an extreme masochist.

Her portrait of Takamina has become so popular that it has been commoditized.

Kojima-san pops round from unexpected place.

Any clothes suits her. Even Yomiuri Giants uniform she wore for Giants related work (opening ceremony singing) suits her so much.

She doesn’t let you photograph her easily.

She is of course Goddess, besides she has a beautiful nose.

She is a member of Argentine national soccer team.

She suddenly descended upon human world and made crowds so much excited.

She can sleep while she is doing “Dogeza”.

Everyone loves “Flying people”!

“I’m getting bored!! I want to go back home!!”

She is always so sexy in her self portrait photos.

Her ears are often preyed on by members.

Kojima-san is so cute in twin tail hair.

“Sleepy~~~zzz” during the meeting….

Wow this is so amazing!!! You’re a true craftsman!
And when you photograph them making a circle…..

Kojima-san!! Don’t stare at the camera!!

Thank you so much!!
Can I ask last two more requests??
Kojima-san being spun around sitting on a punishment chair….
Kojima-san being sandwiched by W Minami during the live-broadcasting…

Kojima-san has given us hope from “South”.

Kojima-san being kissed by W Minami during the live-broadcasting.

Kojima-san spin around so fast on a punishment chair.

Kojima-san has a stunning figure.

Her ears get pink when she is suddenly talked to during formal interviews.

…It’s like you suddenly reminded me of an important thing I’ve left behind.

Kojima-san making a pose beside a figurine of Umemiya Tatsuya, a famous actor and gourmet in front of his store.

Kojima-san wants to participate “Yuru-Chara” contest.

From Gigazine: Yuru-Chara, abbreviation of yurui-characters(lit. loose characters) refers to the wacky super cute mascots designated to promote town, prefecture or company, in most some case unsophisticated but in most case cute in a goofy the most sophisticated way we could ever imagine.

Nyan is so Yuru~~~
When she works for TV show PON, she is “munch munch”.
Kojima-san dancing fula in Hawaii.

Not only by W Minami but she is attacked by MariAtsu.

LOL Don’t misinterpret~~~~ They are not attacking Nyan~~

She has been already an angel when she was 15.

And now she is Goddess.

The big sister of the world cutest sisters, Kojima-san.

Though she is diagnosed 95 y/o in term of physical strength, she loves to watch sports.

Those who have an innocent heart can see wings of an angel……

Assan and Kojima-san.

Kojima-san can see apparitions.

In China, Kojima-san is called 白菜.

This picture which contains an  obscene expression was once deleted by her agency’s order.

Sexy Kojima-san.

Catcher Kojima-san.

Glamorous beauty Kojima-san.

You’re beautiful.

You’re beautiful!

Kojima-san rocks the helmet!!

So defenseless Kojima-san.

Kojima-san looks so happy together with AtsuMina.

She is not only about being cute but sometime she “ROCK”s!!

She also enjoys martial arts


Kojima-san is so curious about wrestling legend Inoki.

Kojima-san can’t carry a big camera alone.

Kojima-san got tired of studying ~.

LOL Don’t look at the camera!

Enjoy an ear of Kojima-san.

She go back to childhood when she is with Mariko.

Batter Kojima-san.

Kojima-san aka Venus of victory, who has been Senbatsu of all AKB singles including Janken.

Kojima-san is very tender to her dear little sister/lover.

That girl whom everyone is talking about and Kojima-san.

Kojima-san is taking a bubble bath.

Kojima-san as a perfect idol!!

What the heck is this feeling!?
I can’t help but save photos that I already have because she is too cute!

Really, looking at Kojiharu makes me feel like do my first Oshihen lol It’s so dangerous!
She is just too beautiful….


(I don’t much like Oshima Yuko.)

Kojima-san gets flippant.

Celebrity Kojima-san.

Please give me the pic where Mocchi is touching Kojima-san’s ear from a back seat~~~

You mean this one??

Yes!! Exactly! I somehow feel this is so erotic!


She has had this pet (dorky cat) since long time ago.

Though it’s not that often, she sometimes treat her juniors to dinner!

Her hip is so high compared to…..

Guruguru Curtain Kojima-san.

Jack Knife Kojima-san.

Baby Blossom’s Kojima-san playing a keyboard with Doyagao-face!!!

Kojima-san is doodled on her leg.

Kojima-san when she is with older members.

When she is with a cute girl, she gets shy and excited at the same time!

Kojima-san kindly celebrate this Ossan’s birthday.

I’m Kojiharu aka Kojima Haana~.

When she is manipulating a cellphone, her chin is gradually sticking out.

Kojima-san makes cover appeanrace of Furisode catalog

Melonpan and Kojima-san.

She is not confident in her calculation without counting numbers with fingers.

Her blood type is a favorite of mosquitoes.

Kojima-san shows beaming face when she is with members of No Sleeves!

According to Yukirin, Kojima-san showed her true potential for the first time after long years. 

Kojiharu-san feel so uneasy when Onee (Drag queens) are starting to slam AKB members.

Somehow, Kojiharu is contained in this huge celebration gift box!!

Kojima-san! Don’t look at the camera!!

Kojima-san somehow flushes like a boiled crab.

She unconsciously opens her mouth. 

She is by far a good runner in a ladle relay.

Kojima-san just naturally reveals an answer of a question.

Kojima-san looks cheerful even when she is getting vaccination.

When festivals start, a festival lover in her starts to sir up.

According to her, she is actually a sentimentalist and not a kind of person who aren’t easily moved to tears.

Kojima-san with her forehead revealed.

Wow she becomes even more beautiful!!

Puffy Kojima-san, puff puff.

Even her poochy belly is so cute.

Kojima-san’s photos never fail to amuse me.
Not only about her cuteness and beauty, she makes me laugh, want to point out some nonsensical things…. they always accompanies something!!

She is always playing outstanding role in Music Station.

Kojima-san enjoying playing a game.

Kojima-san stretches her arm in order to trying to catch signal, but remain sitting.

She is a master of food tasting.

“Gacho~~~~~n”, Kojima-san

Kojima-san wants to be called her name by Nakai-kun.

Kojima-san transformed into a beautiful space alien.

Kojima-san looking back to her coming-of-age ceremony.

She looks cute even in a jersey sportswear.

Kojima-san is poor at sipping noodles.

It will be a long time before she marries.
“I can’t release mother milk!!”

She is too cute that even makes God smile.

Chinese style Kojima-san.

Members often use Kojima-san as a soft pillow.

Kojima-san with her forehead revealed vol.2.

Kojima-san keeps blowing Vuvezela even Yuko starts sexual harassment to her.

Kojima-san in a white dress creates consistency in a photo with white background. 

Kojima-san is peaceful when she is sleeping, too.

Kojima-san gets a bit sulked.
“Because I have a taste in my room interior, I don’t want let filthy Kojima enter my room. “

Kojima-san reading an English book.

The photo that well conveys Kojima-san’s fears and nervousness.

Sexy home tutor Kojima-san.

Kojima-san shedding tears at SND’s graduation.

Kojima-san introduced her profile with completely wrong information.

Birthday: 1988/2/19

Born in: Kanagawa-prefecture
Astrogy: Pisces (Fish)
Blood type: A
Activity: AKB48, No Sleeves
LOL Warota.
Except activity, nothing is correct lol

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