Pictures that make you instantly understand how awesome SKE is

  June 19, 2012

So…. give me pictures that make me instantly understand where I should focus on when I see each member.
As long as they are related to SKE, I don’t mind teams and gender.
Please teach this still noob SKE fan about attractive points of each of SKE members!!

Needless to say, what makes SKE so awesome is their stage performance!

The point is those splits.

If you are also talking about videos, then you must watch this.

Thank you…..
It’s awesome….
Though I can’t explain what is awesome about this… 
 Sawako made it!!
Sawako should stop comedic Takarazuka.  She can actually do serious one!!
Because I’d been Masana-Oshi, I can say that her personality is summed up in these 2 photos…
Her kindness, cuteness…
Maybe because Ogiyuri looks so amused, somehow Akarin look matured in the photos.

What are they doing? lol
Maitake’s Oppai is awesome!! (Takeuchi Mai)
Da~Su~ (Akarin) has guts to do things like Hengao etc!! (:Funny face)
This is a rare photo that I, who rarely saved idols pictures on my PC, actually saved….
Though there are a lot of suggestions, this one is truly the must-watch SKE video!
Da~Su~ looks somehow cute!
Outstanding beauties…..
They have…… different aura from others!!!!!
Maitake is overwhelmingly cute.
And then you find Hentai (pervert).
Then you find this Hentai is quite contagious.
Kuusan as a kid
Thank you so much for amazing photos of Kuusan….
IMO, this is one of the most iconic photos of Airin!
One of the specialties of the show, Ohya Masana-chan’s 土-shaped jump.
Oh… this is the 土 Jump I’ve been hearing about……
Captain made a miracle in her self-portrait.
One thing I want you to make sure is…… that SKE is not all flat chested girls, but actually we have 3-dimension girls!!

Imade Angel….. orz

The cutest girl in the world. Churi-chan

Churi is “Maji Tenshi (seriously angel)”.
I can feel how much you love Masana-chan…..
So you want pictures that can convey you how cute they are, right? Then this one!
This photo pretty much conveys her charm…
Next generation’s Ace, Karnon-chan is just too cute…
Non-chan Kawaii……
When she or her face is in a good condition, no one can beat Rena.

Congrats…. you have such an amazing personality…..;ω;

Your husband has such a wonderful smile….

FuruYanagi (Furukawa Airi and Takayanagi Akane)
Today we went to Karaoke (Strawberry: Manatsu, Parakeet(Bird): Churi, Girl: Airin)
Bird(Churi) get too high and starts headbanging
Airin is enthusiastically singing.
And Manatsu is looking at them with a tender smile.
NnnnnnnnnnnnmmmManatsuuuuuuuuUUUUUUU!!! (Mukaida Manatsu team Kll)
LOL She is ridiculously attractive!! I gotta set out on a new journey to search around for her pictures and videos…..