Shimazaki Haruka (Paruru) to star Majisuka Gakuen 3

  June 27, 2012
No way…. (desparation)…..
I think Paruru is cute and I like her. But I can’t understand why she’s got so much promotion…..
It’s “within my expectations”!

It’s exactly what I expected…. or I should say I already know that Senbatsu members haven’t joined the filming in the first place….

This is way too mu…… so Majisuka? (:Seriously??)

I wanted them to select one more person to play a main cast along with Paruru….. I don’t think she has a caliber to shoulder the fate of AKB48….

I think you guys complain whoever plays the main character.

And last year, Yokoyama was the target of our bashing.

Anyway, there have been a suspicious mood in team 4 members that they probably have been in the filming. So this is exactly what we expected.

I don’t think Paruru is wrong choice for this role, but it’s a bit boring as we already watched her starring Drama in Bakaleya……
Though I don’t have any particular member from 9gen~ in my mind….

I thought the same, because she starred Bakaleya in this season, it was better to choose other member for the protagonist of Majisuka3…..

After all, I think Paruru is the right person to play this.
Actually I’m relieved that they didn’t choose members like Joe-chan.

So will her name change from Kanburi (寒ブリ)?

They said they will completely change the setting from previous series, so I think she will play the different character.

So you guys don’t know how awesome her acting in Bakaleya was?? Poor guys….

Awesome acting…

I think she’s become a bit plump, but still cute.
Anyway it depends on who will play other roles whether I will watch the Drama or not.

So this pretty much made it clear that Paruru is a member who AkiP consider “next ace”. Not Mayuyu, but Paruru.

But Mayuyu played the main characters along with Jurina (Sennedu) in the previous series, so Paruru might be a next next generation’s ace lol
Though it’s only valid if Majisuka is a right criteria, and I don’t think so.