You know what? Even though you are paparazzi-ed 2 shot photo, you can just say “We were frolicking each other.”

LOL It looks like time has come for Naana (Fujita Nana).

Actually I think Naana is seriouly masturbating to Kaoru.

Fujita Nana on G 0:26 6/2

I kinda feel like I can focus on it now←
Okay let me go and do it← ←

I won’t be surprised if there is at least one member who is seriously a gay…

So we don’t have to worry about the real gay, Hiramatsu Kanako.
Yome (Fujie Reina) to Danna (Ishida Haruka)
Note: Yome to Danna = Wife and Husband

It has become no news even though Kashiwagi groped Sae’s private parts….
Could you elaborate please?
Oh… maybe this is from Sae’s blog post in which she wrote that Yukirin used her private parts as a pillow….
Yokoyama wins.

The true gay and wise man (:cherry boy or virgin), Naana is the safest and the most reliable…

So is Naana really a gay?
Pretty much likely…
If she is a real gay, then she would have already been mentally collapsed as AKB48 is a literally heaven for her….
Though I guess it’s possible that there’re many bisexuals….
I think when there are so many girls live close each other, it’s no surprise some of them have relationships.

So….. Please release MariKoji’s DVD ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
But most of girls are open enough to hug each other, taking a bath together.
We men also take a bath together in a large group, but rarely alone with one guy… why the difference?
I think it’s normal young members to feel affection for Sae….. that’s just how young girls are like.
By the way, is it normal for girls kissing each other??
I’ve never seen it in person.
Contrary to our expectation, I am very suspicious about Maeda Atsuko.
She is always with members before and after important events, and I actually suspect that what she was doing with Yuko was not Karaoke but…..

Yuko “She (Acchan) was with me last night (eve of the 2012 election). She is so special for me. I realized she is so precious person in my life. We sang Karaoke together with Kitarie for 3 hours non-stop. We don’t talk about serious topic and Acchan fell asleep halfway through”

Personally I think, MV of Sakura no Shiori somehow conveys something to do with “Girls love”, and I am hooked with it.

Even straight girls will gradually change into gay after joining AKB48… like Yukirin and Miichan did…..
So if you ask me, I would say it’s like a prison…

 Because of relationship with men is prohibited, they can’t help but getting sex-crazed, and that’s why Miyazawa and Mitsumune are very popular among members.
It looks like french kiss between members is not abnormal at all, I guess they’ve become gay while they are in AKB48 because of somethings like, say…. “girls’ high school” effect, but once they graduate, they will back to normal.

French kiss!?!? Are you serious??

So they welcome new KKS just like female inmates do in those foreign films??

Oh come on guys, they are just pretending to be gay as a part of service to fans….lol

So there is a very famous episode called “Kiss between Erepyon and Jurina when they stayed in the same hotel room”….

I think something was weird then.

They said “We felt like kissing because of the mood.”….

So put aside who’s a gay or bisexual, I think there are some members who are famous for her (sexual) technique…

I think members who are athletically coordinated is also very active in it.
So…. you should be careful with members like Yuko, Masuda….
Sayaka is very powerful but not in this category.

Itano once said she doesn’t like to kiss with girls.

Though only she and Takamina actually kissed in commercial of Puccho.

And she also said that she didn’t like to do it.

This is way too far… (9:00~)

Yuihan is playing with Kitahara-Unagi in a bath with putting swimming goggles on.

In behind the scene footage of Shukan IQ48, Mayuyu and Lovetan, looked like didn’t aware of being filmed, were kissing.


And the two enjoyed kissing to hearts’ content when they took a bath together…