TGSK Next Ace will be from “after 8gen”

Note: “After 8gen” means 9-13gen in this context

TGSK “My personal feeling is that candidates for Next Ace are in “After 8gen”. “Before 9gen” is AKB’s first season, and 9gen is the start of new AKB48.”

People concerned talk that Paruru “made her first foothold. Next election will be the decisive event for her.”

Members from “after 8gen” who left the results in the election include Yui Yokoyama (15th) and Haruka Shimazaki (23th). There also are huge expectation on Tomu Mutoh, the only member who ranked in the election from AKB48‘s KKS.


TGSK told “My personal feeling is that candidates for Next Ace are in “After 8gen“. “Before 9gen” is AKB’s first season, and 9gen is the start of new AKB48. 3rd season is from 13gen, and Mitsumune will play a central role of the generation.

lol He didn’t talk about 3rd season.

Give credit to members like Tomu Mutoh (and Yuka Tano), who are growing with Ota’s passionate support!!

So as we all know, it’s gonna be Paruru….

Mutoh is very good-looking.
I am hoping she will transfrom dramatically through this opportunity of playing a center for Futuregirls.

Why Paruru (aka Ponkotsu)….
I would rather want somebody who has a spirit…

Shinoda’s speech can apply to “After 9gen” the best.
Just after Acchan’s graduation announcement, Paruru has started getting promotion….
Their attitude looks like – If we go with flow and time will come when top members leave the group, then we will get promotion~ –

They are abusing the term “Next Ace” too much lol
Every year how many members dubbed candidates for “Next Ace” lol

So Yuko will play a center for only one song…..

I thought finally the situation was set for Mayuyu to be the next Ace…. orz

You know what? Mayuyu is already Ace…

If we can only choose from “after 8gen“, then there’s no other member who are more suitable for the next center than Haruu (Haruka Shimada).
Yuihan and Paruru are the kind of person who can’t turn Anti-sentiment into power for the group.
Haruu can turn it into humor.

Though this is completely irrelevant to the topic, I have a feeling that TGSK’s Oshi-men is Yuihan…. but he tried to keep it secret because the position he’s holding.

Certainly Yuihan is highly valued by TGSK.

So management has no intention to promote Iriyama?
It look like she is not a kind of person who like to pull ahead of others.
If this state would continue, her talent would be wasted in vain…

It’s no brainer… This (next ace from “after 8gen”) is what management wishes to happen…

And the fact that things won’t happen as management wishes to happen is what the election result of this year taught them.

Hey, Management….
I don’t think Paruru is a right choice,
I don’t think Paruru is a right choice,
I repeated the important point…

The more TGSK talks seriously, the more we should take it half-jokingly…

Why don’t you guys appreciate Shimada more….
My heart was broken as I was looking at her expression (at Budo-Kan)…

So he labelled Mayuyu, Eyebrows of 7gen (Ami Maeda) and Komorin as “You’re Not In Our Future Plan”

Whatever we say, they have promoted Suuchan, Komorin for almost 2 years.
They are out of the question when a member who left the best result in 7gen was Aamin..

Please sometimes remember 8gen…

It looks like you guys completely forgot this…. but the thing is…. Yokoyama is 9gen….

So now that K has Jurina, they’d better return Yuihan to team 4.

Then Yuihan will be a center of team 4?

Yeah… who else?
Yokoyama is the only person who they can rely on, as a center and as a captain.

Why not Mutoh???

They can’t create team 8 in the current situation, and they filled the voids left by Nacchan and Yone with JuriMil…. (so if there’s a place for Mutoh, it’s in team A)

How about Yuihan, Mutoh and Mitsumene for centers.

I rather want Mutoh to be next Ace.
If Mayuyu become next Ace, then it just looks like as if it was carefully planned (and it’s gonna be boring.)

I think he has Tano-chan in mind.

Maybe her time will come several years later.

So Tomu and Tanochan’s era will come??????

In the near future….

If only he said “after 9gen”…. then it will make the situation by far easy…

So members who TGSK has in mind are…
Yokoyama, Shimazaki, Nagao, Yamauchi, Ohba, Shimada, Takeuchi, Nakamura
Ichikawa, Nakamata, Abe, Iriyama, Katoh, Izuta, Kobayashi, Fujita
Suzuki (Shiori), Kawaei, Kojima (Natsuki), Natori, Moirkawa
Tano, Mutoh, Iwata, Takahashi (Juri), Omori, Saeed, Sasaki, Hirata

Looking at MC, a member who really care about fans are I think Miorin…
Though it has little to do with who will be next Ace…

So you guys don’t know how much TGSK loves Paruru?
Look his G+ account. His photos of Paruru is always unique and different from ones of other members.

But after see how much Senbatsu for Manatsu no SG! and the election result are different, management including AkiP may have realized once again how much election has significant meaning to know where fans passion is directed for.

Election result of “Semeru mono” members for Manatsu no SG!

2nd Mayu Watanabe (3gen)
9th Jurina Matsui (SKE 1gen 6-7gen )
19th Miyuki Watanabe (NMB 1gen  11gen)
23th Haruka Shimazaki (9gen)
31th Yuria Kizaki (SKE 3gen   9gen)
54th Suzuran Yamauchi (7gen)
56th Kanon Kimoto (SKE 4gen  11gen)
58th Miorin (10gen)

Out of the ranking
Maria Abe, Anna Iriyama, Karen Iwata, Rena Katoh, Rina Kawaei, Haruka Shimada, Juri Takahashi, Miyu Takeuchi, Eriko Joe, Haruka Kodama

Other members ranked in top64 from “after 8gen”
49th Mariya Nagao (9gen)
45th Yuka Tano (12gen)
49th Tomu Mutoh (12gen)
57th Mina Ohba (9gen)

TGSK has no power to decide who’s next Ace…