The reason why Haruu was smiling at Budo-Kan (and 3 other stories)

  June 13, 2012

The reason why Haruu could smile though she couldn’t make it into top64

Haruka Shimada has often taken a role of leader among junior members since when she was KKS. Because of her passionate character and inborn leadership, she is often called “Gian” or “Boss” from fans and her teammates.
She is one of the prominent figures of team 4, as she is considered one of the best stage act among team 4 and has been featured in variety of media. Therefore, her result in this election was fairly unexpected to most of fans and journalists .
Haruu smiled like a kind boss when her teammate Mina Oba’s name was called at 57th.
Oba had been suspended from her membership of AKB48 and resigned the captain role after her personal blog was discovered last September. One month after this incident, team 4 began their fist Stage Bokuno Taiyou. During the suspension of Mina, the member who has played a captain role was Haruu. Since the very beginning of their career, Haruu and Mina have been getting along with each other well.

It’s my personal impression but I guess, to Haruru’s eyes, the fact that Mina could make the list looked fans forgiveness to Mina, and that made Mina’s come-back all the more happy for Haruu.

Total 6 members of team 4 made the list including Mariya Nagao (39th) and Yuka Tano (45th). Each time their name was called, Haruu smiled. She looked like she is feeling proud of her teammates’ success, as she was casting tender eyes at them, listening to their speeches.

In the famous story of Manga Draemon, “Eve of Nobita’s wedding”, Shizuka’s dad sends this word to her, who will hold a wedding ceremony with Nobita tomorrow.

“That young boy hopes other person’s happiness, and can feel other people’s sorrow.”

Team 4’s “Gian” has a heart of “Nobita“.

Wiki: Doraemon

Please forgive me… I can’t stop my tears….

I think she cried after she came back home…..

Enough of this kind of story….. I would rather want Haruu to think about herself and her fans….

Why they want to relate everything to Doraemon???

Crap TouSpo…….. what a nice story…….

Yuko-chan riding on a horse!!!

Marida to Osoroshi no Mori (Brave): The view from riding a horse is awesome!


So now the director of the movie is visiting Japan?
I again realized how great it is to be selected to play a voice actress for Japanese dub of Disney movie….

New picture of “KitaRie, don’t stare at me!” series

I saved at the speed of a light.


Soredemo Sukidayo (I love you nonetheless)