Top 3 good looking girls in each team!!

  June 22, 2012

A Kojima, Shinoda, Kuramochi
K Nakatsuka, Itano,  Kikuchi
B Mayu, Masuda, Suzuki Shihori
S Kizaki, Matsui R, Yagami (
4 Kawaei, Shimazaki, Tano
Kll Kogiso, Mokaida, Furukawa (
E Kimoto, Hara, Shibata (
N Joenishi, Fukumoto, Yamada
H Miyawaki, Moriyasu, Matsuoka (
And it’s astounding that overall it’s like “A>4>=Kll>S>K>=N>E=H>>>B”!!!

So… you want us to point out serious flaws in your list???

LOL This is completely biased by your taste!!!

What a peculiar taste!!

LOL It’s actually interesting that you explode you preference in it!!

I can agree with you in some part…. but…. uhmmmm…..

That’s not a 100 point answer,
but I want to give you around 60, 70 points.

I ‘LOL’d a bit.
LOL Your list is so maniac that makes me have dull feeling in my stomach.

I only understand your Team A.

I think you don’t mind that your Oshi-team is listed bottom. Team order means only the hierarchy among 48 groups, but it doesn’t mean “the more below, the worse looking.”

So this is a fun stuff, right?

I can only agree to your team E.

Uhmmm did you forget that team N has Akarin and Mirurun?

By the way, including Tano-chan makes you being liked by many people.
And…. honestly I think Iriyama is cuter than Shimazaki.

Team 4’s top3 are “Iriyama, Shimazaki and Ohba”.
They are ridiculously at high level!!

Totally agree.

LOL Final answer for team 4 is no brainer, “Shimazaki, Ichikawa and Nagao“.

Team 4 is somehow very competitive group in this sense.
Top3 faces would drastically different depending on each of our taste.

If Nakatsuka is very good looking, then why she is not that popular???

You know, Eurasian-like face is not popular these days

So you deliberately skipped team M????

 N’s top is Nana-tan!!

To some extent I can agree to your pick-up.
Okay, so I’m gonna leave my own top3s.
A Kojima, Shinoda, MaeAtsu
K Kikuchi, Umeda, Akimoto
B Mayu, Ishida, Kasai
4 Kawaei, Shimazaki, Tano
S Rena, Kizaki, Yagami
Kll Ogiso, Mukaida, Hata
E Kimoto, Kaneko, Sakai
N Shirama, Milky, Yoshida
M Yagura, Yamagishi, Murakami
H Moriyasu, Matsuoka, Taniguchi

Though I’m Atsu-Oshi, I don’t think Acchan will make it into top3…. please replace her with Maeami.

If you are only talking about face, then Amina is at very high level.

For the time being, I chose according to current looks of members.
At her peak, Amina would easily make it, but…..
I wanted to include Eto but I found she is not in team H.
So my list for KKS of each team is like this,
AKB KKS Muto, Mitsumune, Yukarun
SKE KKS Ohwaki, Furuhata, Niidoi
NMB KKS Yabishita, Sasaki Namami, Koyanagi
HKT KKS Eto, Nakanishi, Fukagawa
It’s so disappointing that Sasaki Nanami-chan will leave the group…….

SKE 5gen

I don’t know much about each team, but I think top 3 members who have good looking among all AKB are Kojiharu, Mariko and Okaro.
I don’t accept any objection.
I think best looking girls among top members are Kojima Haruna and Shinoda Mariko.
Those who Oshi Akimoto and Kuramochi are basically…, I think, going by looks.
It’s hard to make any judgmental comment but I can’t feel a single bit of cuteness from them…..
It looks like some people mixed up cute and good looking, but these are completely different concept.

What great about Mariko-sama is she got both Kawaii and Good-looking!
Uhmmmm I rather want to pick one for each team…. three for each team makes me dizzy.
If you talking about Appearance, then members who are “over 18” and “shorter than 160 cm” should be excluded. They are out of question.

I think Hata-san should make the list in team K2.
Team Kll should be “Hata, Mukaida and Furukawa”
A Kojima, Maeami, Kuramochi
K Itano, Oshima, Kikuchi
B Kashiwagi, Watanabe Miyuki, Watanabe Mayu

4 Shimazaki, Kawaei, Nagao

Kll Ogiso, Takayanagi
E Shibata
N Joenishi, Shirama, Kinoshita Haruna
M Yogi Keira, Yagura Fuko, Yamagishi Natsumi (
This is da right answer. I don’t know much about SKE.
As for Nogizaka, I would name Shiraishi, Hashimoto and Kashiwa.
Though I like Ikoma-chan the best….

So Kashiwa is a former member of Momoiro Clover Z??
Why she is Hosare…. They are kinda wasting her talent…..
She is so cute that I even want her to join AKB.

Anyway, looks-wise Nogizaka46 would own AKB48….

I picked members by looking at official profiles or tracing my memory…. and I found I like SKE sa best.
It’s so difficult to select top3 from NMB.
A Shinoda, Kojima, Maeda Atsuko
K Itano, Umeda, Akimoto
B Ishida, Kashiwagi, Watanabe Mayu
4 Miorin, Iriyama, Shimazaki
S Ohya, Matsui Rena, Yagami
Kll Hata, Matsumoto, Ogiso
E Kimoto, Takeuchi, Umemoto
N Fukumoto, Kotani, Kinoshita Haruna
M Yogi Keira, Takano Yui, Murakami Ayaka
H Moriyasu, Taniguchi, Furumori
I modified your list.
N Watanabe Miyuki, Yoshida Akari

A Kojima, Shinoda, Maeami

K Umeda, Yokoyama, Fujie
B Masuda, Ishida, Watanabe Mayu
4 Kawaei, Juri, Iriyama
S Yagami, Ohya, Matsui Rena
Kll Mukaida, Matsumoto, Abiru
E Umemoto, Sakai, Hara
N Kishino, Shirama, Yamada
M Murakami, Murase, Yogi
H I don’t know
Moriyasu Madoka from team H (14), she looks like an announcer at TV Asahi!!
On the average, H has girls on very high level, but they don’t have outstanding figures.

What’s disappointing about team H is most of girls don’t trim their eyebrows….
It’s unnatural most of them don’t trim when there’re so many cute girls in the team, I guess it’s an order from HKT management??

Trimming eyebrows of course should be restricted in HKT, when most of it’s members are junior high school students.
No member color their hair as well.
Her hair color is a natural one.

A Shinoda, Kojima, Katayama
K Akimoto, Itano, Kikuchi
B Kasai, Watanabe Mayu, Suzuki Mariya
S Yagami, Matsui Rena, Kizaki
Kll Ogiso, Furukawa, Kato
E Shibata, Kimoto, Umemoto
N Yamada, Fukumoto, Kinoshita
M Yogi, Yagura, Tanigawa
H Miyawaki, Taniguchi, Sugamoto
I think everyone agree with me.

You’ve come close to the conclusion.
Itano is too short.
B’s Suzuki should be Suzuki Shihori.
H has too many good looking girls so it’s tough to choose 3.
LOL I completely forgot team 4.
4 Iriyama, Shimazaki, Iwata
You will be killed by Shimajaki lol
What team 4 can do to be recognized as a real team????
Actually choosing top3 from KKS of AKB is the easiest.
Muto Tomu, Mitsumune Kaoru, Eguchi Aimi
To ordinary people’s eyes, which one is cuter???

It’s difficult to judge from photos.
You know, they can do various things to modify it.
LOL Only noobs don’t include Kojima Natsuki in AKB’s KKS’s list.
I actually don’t care what the whole list looks like as long as Tano-chan and Fukumoto are in it.
I approve your list just because you included them.

After all, it all comes down to our own preferences….
But….. it’s astonishing that you guys actually made a list for all teams lol
Everyone has different taste….. When there’re 100 people, we will have 100 different answers….