Sapporo, of course.

Tsu (Capital city of Mie prefectture, which is very rural)

Tsu, of course.

Hiroshima….. (trembling voice)

I have no intention to offend you but Hiroshima is really nice city~.
I am actually hoping to move to Hiroshima after the retirement.


I think we can end this discussion.

Sendai lol

Guys, how about Yokohama?

I kinda think it’s too close to Tokyo, but to get real, it’s the most likely place I think.

I’m sorry, but actually we reached an informal agreement that next 48 G will be from Sapporo.

Tokyo dome, Nagoya dome, Osaka dome and Fukuoka dome… it’s no brainer, the next one will be Sapporo dome.

LOL Hiroshima also has dome … (Hiroshima Peace memorial is called Hiroshima Dome)

I think it’s okay to have 48G in Shikoku island….(T_T)

After all, it must be Urawa (URW48) and Kojima-san will be transferred to the team.

But we all know that they are now underway to create a new group in Sapporo.

By the way is it mere coincidence that  all existing AKB48 groups start with the sound “え”?
Thanks to this, it is very easy to find their records at second hand CD shops….lol

LOL I’ve first heard that trivia….
At first glance, the initial letters of the 4 groups has nothing in common, but it seems we’d better understand as if they are following superstition, they carefully choose group’s name so that it starts with “え”


AKB48 エーケービー
SKE48 エスケーイー
NMB48 エヌエムビー
HKT48 エイチケーティー

If we apply this rule to candidate cities,

-Sapporo SPR48 エスピーアール
-Sendai SND48 エスエヌディー

Both start with “え”!!!

By the way, this is very famous trivia and everyone already know this before the creation of HKT48.

Cities/Urban areas that are smaller than Fukuoka are pretty much similar to each other.
I think it was a right choice to stopped creating new grouls with Fukuoka, as it’s urban area’s scale may define the minimum viable market.

-Largest urban areasby population  in Japan

Tokyo 346 million
Kansai (Osaka) 186
Nagoya 874
Fukuoka 542
Okayama + Takamatsu 259
Sapporo 251
Kanazawa + Toyama 222
Hiroshima 219
Sendai 204
Kumamoto 146

What I was surprised at when I visited Hiroshima.
-People rarely speak Hiroshima-dialect.
-The city is spacious.
-Too many tourists from overseas
-Okonomiyaki is not so delicious (Okonomiyaki is specialty of Hiroshima as well as Osaka, but we Kansai people often call Okonomiyaki in Hiroshima, Hiroshimayaki. The major difference is whether it contains noodle or not. Hiroshimayaki usually contains noodles. (in Osaka, Hiroshimayaki-style Okonomiyaki is often called Modern-yaki))

>-Okonomiyaki is not so delicious 

Where did you eat that Okonomiyaki?
You can’t expect fine taste at restaurants for tourists.

I shall add “Driving manner is bad.”

When it comes to bad driving manner, I think Naogya is the king.

I think Osaka can be a good match for Nagoya.

What are you talking about? Acchan has already told that it’s gonna be SPR48!!

Are you talking about a skit from びみょ~/Bimyo~~???

Atsuko Maeda from SPR48 (Sapporo48)” 1st episode Bimyo~ -from Lesson studio

Acchan “(with a disappointed face) It was impossible for me from the beginning….”

SPR48 member Acchan has been selected for Senbatsu for the new single.
She has a slight Sapporo accent and wear her trademark pink training wears. She is a fresh, 14 y/o member.
She is now joining the lesson of AKB48 for the new single.

She talk, the reason why she joined AKB48, “Because I admire Takamina-san”
Her dream is to become a center of AKB48.

But she was frustrated by seeing AKB’s center(for Flying Get), Sashihara’s outstanding dance ….
I think Yasusu has said that currently they have no specific plan about Sapporo project, hasn’t him?
Has he??

Yay yay yay~~~~

How about betting on surprise Toyama would bring??
Their name will be TYM48…. what do you think?

Anyway, now we have enough teams in the west, chances are they will create new team in the east

By the way, what has been troubling them is they can’t find a right venue in Sapporo??

I don’t think they use the city’s name as the group’s name.
Even though it was Sapporo, they will name it after the town name where their theater locates…

Wait, does Sapporo have a town name which is widely known?? I only can think of Susukino(nightlife district)…. lol

Oh come on…. Sapporo is one of the rare cities where Brown Bears come down to it’s city area…..
It’s so rare that the city of this large scale is infested by Brown bears…

I think it’s difficult to run the group where network affiliates of TV Tokyo don’t exist.

the past plan they had in 2008 goes like this,
Sakae -> Tenjin (Hakata/Fukuoka) -> Sapporo -> Namba
The reason they couldn’t follow this plan is because they had a trouble to find partners corporations and the right venue for the theater.

Okay, so if it’s partner corporations, there’re several (large-scale) companies such as Sapporo beer, NikkaPokka and the company which produces/sells Shiroi Koibito.

I heard Niigata prefecture is full of beautiful women!!
Can you hurry up creating the very first 48 group on the sea of Japan side!!!

If they really intend to create a new group, then I think it’s nice to create one in Sendai as they’ve engaged in charity concerts and assistance activities for affected area.

I heard Sapporo project has been suspended.
It won’t resume for a while.
With Shanghai48 (SNH48) heading the list, new projects are now mainly progressing overseas.

Though I’m living in Sendai, I guess it will most likely be Sapporo, as it has one of 5 dome stadiums.
I’m not sure if they have any intention to create a group in Sendai for the first place, but Sendai is really a rural city……. Even people’s insides are rural.

I’m a citizen of Sapporo city, and I should warn you that our characteristics “Soon hot, soon cold” don’t fit the strategy of AKB48.
The good example can be seen Consadole (football team (J-league) based in Sapporo)…. orz

How about Nippon Ham Fighters (Darvish!!)

People love Nippon Ham, but it’s just because they have achieved good results.
It will take a time until SPR48 has built broad fan base, and I think before SPR48 will grab success in their home city, AKB48 will start to decline…..

First of all, if you want to say Sapporo, then we need more convenient and faster means of transportation to visit there!!
How come you think they can pull in fans when we need to take flights to get there.

But there’s Seikan tunnel. (53.85-kilometre (33.46 mi) railway tunnel in Japan, connecting Aomori Prefecture on the Japanese island Honshu and the island Hokkaido)

Nope….. because we can’t go direct by Shikansen…..

SMT48 (based in Saitama)

Team Sll 16 members

Haruka Ishida
Kazumi Urano
Aika Ohta
Shiori Kaneko
Kana Kobayashi
Haruna Kojima
Hitomi Komatani
Sumire Saoth
Mariya Suzuki
Hana Tojima

Chisato Nakata
Tomomi Nakatsuka
Sakiko Matsui
Kaori Matsumura
Rumi Yonezawa
Mayu Watanabe

LOL What a massive power this group has!!

Yone-chan OUT!!
Paruru IN!!!