(AKB no GachiChare) Yokoyama is the real Gekikara Queen

  July 7, 2012
It turned out that Yokoyama is the real Gekikara Queen
She did well in the “Bimyo~ na Tobira Gachinko Challenge”
She completely dominated the top 5 spicy foods of the world!


Yokoyama is hella strong!

Honma yan! (It’s true!)

Yuihan was amazing!
She amazed me!!

Keema that wasn’t able to be eaten even by an authentic Indian.
Said to dry your hands by just holding it;
the Naga Bhut Jolokia.
She was able to eat these foods easily, lol.

Yokoyama, choose next year’s Guinness World Record rankings! lol
This is no question, World-class level!

This high school bitch!!
LOL Don’t you dare forget Hashimoto Nanami-tan from Nogizaka46!!

Gekikara ranking of AKB members


(World’s top player)



(National top player)




(Famous in her local town)


Final list has been determined

So we again learned that there’s always somebody better than us no matter how good you are at something.

Yokoyama’s words of wisdom:
“Chili pepper is sweet pepper.”

Warota. lololol

I fell in love with her

Her reaction was so dull, it made the program not that interesting….

I think that her dull reaction made it funny.

At first it looks so grueling that even watching her eating the foods made me feel spicy.
But after eating some, she may have gotten used to the spiciness or her tongue went numb, lol
She started gobbling all the foods down,
and afterwards she gave the day’s word of wisdom: “Chili pepper is sweet pepper.”
Anyway, once she ate habanero pepper, she broke the limit, I guess.
So habanero was that spicy. really? I didn’t know that.
I was surprised, or I should say I was stunned when I saw its Scoville scale measurement.

I don’t mind that Yokoyama’s reaction is like that, because it reflects on her personality.
But they must show us how ordinary people react if they eat the same spicy food that Yuihan had.
Otherwise people can’t fully understand how spicy the food was that Yuihan was eating, and it would make the whole program boring.

They aired the scene where even Indian people can’t eat this special spicy Keema Curry.

Yuihan is awwwwwesome!!(゚Д゚)
She looks so cute when she is eating spicy foods!
And…. Yuko is too cute, that cracked me up!!
Anyway their reactions after the battle were nice!

Yuihan Kawaii Kawaii!! Yuihan!!

So what was that Gekikara was all about….? lol

They must arrange a battle between Yuihan and Rena!!
Because you know, it looked like Rena was pretending that she was feeling the effects of the spicy food because she is really immune to spicy foods.

↑ I hope they will fight against each other to decide who’s the No.1 Gekikara.

Anyway, she has to be approved by the captain of Gekikara club, Yukirin.

source, translated and edited by Wingom, Tommy and Chace