AKB48 Members: Who is respected the most by members?

  July 6, 2012

Takamina, isn’t it??


I think it’s Yuko?Because Takamina sometimes plays a role that makes her disliked by members…

Really? It’s Yuko?

I think Sae also has gained huge respect from members.

And Okaro, too.

Yuko, Sayaka, Takamina, Sae, Mariko

If you consider all factors, you can’t name anyone but Yuko.

Jurina once said “Takamina is as much respected as Yuko in SKE” in the making footage of unit Matsuri.
Anyway, it must be either of them.
I think feelings that members bear towards Sae are different from respect.

I think it’s up to what genres we are talking about, isn’t it?
According to Kojima-san,
at first, rookie members came to senior members, saying “I’ve long been a huge fan of you♥”,
But after they spent some time in AKB48,
The member they turn to when they have something to consult is Takamina,
and the member they turn to when they want to learn performance/choreo is Yuko.
So this is a rough total image of members, isn’t it?

By the way, we must exclude Komori from members who is talking to Kojiharu, “I’m a fan you you!!” at first, but gradually disappears.

NyanNyan: “Komori is the only member who has always liked me, she says to me, ’I’ll always love you.’”

Masuda is also respected for her vocal ability, I think.

Among early members of AKB48, I think Ayunee (Orii Ayumi) is much respected, especially by original members.
But is there any chance for her to be the winner of this topic??

But now we only have 5+1 original members, so she can’t be the member who is respected by the most members.”…?

Especially Takamina respects her so much, I think. Without meeting Ayunee and Nakanishi Rina, Takamina today wouldn’t exist, I believe.

So Acchan isn’t respected that much?

I think many admire her.

Yeah, because she is a pronoun of AKB48, I think she’s received so much admiration from members.

Respect: Takamina, Sayaka
Goal: Oshima, Maeda
Admiration: Miyazawa, Kashiwagi
Oshi: Itano, Kojima

Are there that many members who admire Kashiwagi!? I rarely heard of that.

↑Sasaki Yukarun, Omori Miyupon, Ohba Minarun….

Ohba!?!? That’s unexpected!! I thought if she would admire other members, it would be Tomochin or something.

Really? Many members respect Okaro!?
I’ve never seen it even in intervies on magazines…..

1-2 years before, I saw many.

I remember that once someone said “Sae is the member that all members go through (: getting hooked on her at least once)”

But at actual worksites, I think Umechan has got so much respect secretly……

As for Umechan, what makes her admired by members is her dancing ability.

↑ Don’t forget Nattsumi….

Anyway, members who we often see their names in this kind of topic are Yuko and Takamina, I think.

If we are only talking about “Respect”, then Takamina comes first and the runners-up is Yuko.
I’m confident of this.

Yeah…. because they are the very members who consolidate and lead AKB48.
Mariko is also an outstanding figure in AKB48, she is a bit different from them as members “admire” her rather than “respect”.

So there’s no one who respects or admires Oshima Mai…..
She had been the most famous member of original members……

↑ Fujie!

I think usually once they graduated, they would be not mentioned in questionnaire or blogs.

Asked SKE48 members, “AKB48 member you respect the most?” (4/18 2012 by Mook)

1. Takahashi Minami 7votes
2. Shinoda Mariko 5
2. Itano Tomomi 5
4. Miyazawa Sae 4
4. Akimoto Sayaka 4
4. Oshima Yuko 4
7. Kojima Haruna 3
8. Masuda Yuka 2
9. Minegishi Minami 1
9. Maeda Atsuko 1

Do you know where we can find AKB version fo this?

Tomochin in 2nd??/ That’s what I couldn’t expect.

I found it.

Visual Book 2010, the member you respect the most
1. Akimoto Sayaka 7votes
(Ohya Shizuka, Takamina, Uchida Mayumi, Tanabe Miku, Matsui Sakiko, Miyazawa Sae, Chikano Rina)
1. Takahashi Minami 7
(Ohya Shizuka, Nakata Chisato, Nakaya Sayaka, Nakatsuka Tomomi, Minegishi Minami, Yonezawa Rumi, Ishida Haruka)
3. Oshima Yuko 4
(Ohya Shizuka, Kikuchi Ayaka, Miyazawa Sae, Kitahara Rie)
4. Shinoda Mariko 2
(Takajo Aki, Oku Manami)
4. Maeda Atsuko 2
(Sato Sumire, Ishida Haruka)
6. Miyazawa Sae 1 (Chikano)
6. Kasai Tomomi 1 (Miyazaki Miho)
6. Kojima Haruna 1 (Komori Mika)

But I think once she’s got so much respect, it would rather become a burden of her, as it would be difficult to change her image…..
You know, once your public image has been fixed, you can’t change it without taking any risk.

But I think the reason they’re respected much is because they have a clear-cut image.

Takamina has gathered so much respects since even before she has named a captain of team A…. from especially early members who are older than her.

What they’ve respected are her talking ability or her diligent personality which is totally opposite to what her looks conveys?
Anyway, it an indisputable fact that she is ridiculously serious about anything lol

↑ Yeah, yeah, even before AKB48 has become this big, members are talking about Takamina, like “We’ll never go wrong if we follow Takamina.”

But what did change Takamina so much? She had spent her life very lazily before she joined AKB48.
It’s astounding that she has changed so much as she joined AKB….!!

Will Mayuyu can join this category?
Or are there any member who respect Mayuyu right now?

In a magazine, published over a year ago, that featured Warota, Mayuyu said she respect Takamina.
Harugon said a member who got her respect is Takamina,
Nacchan and Lovetan said Yuko,
A member who has Kikuchi’s respect is Okaro.

Some day, when Mayuyu becomes Ace and a leader, I think more and more members will respect Mayuyu.

Yeah. Also, she will be the object of admiration from members.

Who do you respect or admire or set her as your goal?? *multiple answers allowed (created based on information on Akpedia)

Team 4
Maeda Atsuko…. Kawaei, Takahashi Juri, Takeuchi
Takahashi Minami… Ichikawa, Iriyama, Iwata, Takahashi Juri, Nakamata
Itano Tomomi… Abe Maria, Kato Rena, Nagao
Shinoda Mariko… Shimazaki, Takahashi Juri, Nakamura Mariko
Oshima Yuko… Ohba, Shimada
Miyazawa Sae… Shimada, Tano-chan
Watanabe Mayu… Shimazaki, Suzuran
Kashiwagi… Ohba
Yokoyama… Shimazaki

Maeda … Amamiya
Takahashi… Omori, Sasaki, Aigasa, Hasegawa, Watanabe Nene
Shinoda… Saeed
Oshima… Izuta, Oshima, Okada, Shinozaki
Miyazawa… Fujita, Natori, Aigasa
Akimoto… Mitsumune
Kasai… Sasaki, Umeda
Umeda… Hasegawa
Watanabe… Kobayashi, Omori, Kita
Kashiwagi… Kobayashi, Sasaki, Murayama
Sashihara… Hirata
Nito… Izuta
Maeda Ami… Mogi
Yokoyama… Omori, Sasaki, Moriyama
Suzuran…. Okada
Tano-chan… Aigasa

I can’t find Unachan’s (Kitarie) name…..

I think most of junior members choose safe answers to this kind of questions….

LOL I’d completely forgotten Tomo~mi!!

I think their impression on Tomo~mi is similar to that on Kojiharu….
They have a kind of aura that attracts people.

Tomo~mi and Kojiharu are a kind of member that become Oshi of junior members.
Takamina and Yuko are members who are respected by juniors.

I’m sure some members respect captain Haachan, but is their a mood that makes it difficult to raise her name?

Personally I’m so much impressed by the episode where Yamamoto Sayaka-chan was taught the choreo for the ending scene where all members greet to audience by Yuko.
And I think Yanamoto’s attitude is laudable as she courageously asked Yuko to teach her the choreo for all other teammate of her.

I think 1gen and 2gen members are more or less respected by other members.
Whatever you say, they are the members who have started and forged the path for AKB48.

Yukirin’s Children

Ohba Mina 10gen 2/10 Google+ “Who’s my Oshimen? Kashiwagi-san\(^o^)/”

Izuta Rina 10gen 6/12 Google+ “Kashiwagi-san is so kind… I love her (//ω//)”

Kobayashi Marina 10gen 6/13 Google+ “A senior member I aspire to be like → Kashiwagi Yuki-san”

Kojima Natsuki 11gen UpToBoy “Kashiwagi-san is my ideal person!!”

Sasaki Yukari 12gen 6/12 Google+ “Senior members that I respect are Yokoyama-san, Kashiwagi-san and Takahashi Minami-san”

Omoro Miyu 12gen 6/12 Google+ “I could talk a bit with Kashiwagi-san who I’ve been admired!! I became too happy☆ I really really like her☆☆”

Murayama Yuiri 13gen 4/26 during MC at KKS Stage “I want to sing ‘Yokaze no Shiwaza'” “I respect Kashiwagi-san”

Iwatate Saho 13gen 2012 official election guidebook “She has an outstanding aura whenever I see her!!”

Ogasawara Mayu NMB 2012 official election guidebook “Kashiwagi-san is 360 degrees, 24 hours 365 days idol!!”

Hikawa Ayame NMB 3/30 Google+ “Kashiwagi-san’s new photobook will go on sale Apr 19!! I gotta buy it!!”

Murakami Ayaka NMB 3/28 Google+ “Who’s my Oshi in AKB48? I want to become like Kashiwagi-san!!”

Ishiba Yuumi NMB’s KKS 1/20 on her blog “I admire Itano Tomomi-san and Kashiwagi Yuki-san”

Miura Arisa NMB’s KKS 7/5 on her blog “I’ve liked Kashiwagi-san of AKB48, and I’m still admiring her so much.”

Miyawaki Sakura HKT 6/5 Google+ “Which member do you respect? → Kashiwagi Yuki-san, Watanabe Mayu-san and Matsui Rena-san.”Eto Misa 

Nogizaka46 “After all, Yukirin….. I can’t help but love Yukirin……”

—Do you have someone you set as your role model?
Eto: “After all, it’s Yukirin….. I can’t help but love Yukirin…… Actually I’ve never been to her handshake event, but I somehow feel like I was actually there as I’m reading reports from her fans. lol
One of the most famous episode of her is: “‘Please say to me, ‘Good luck with your entrance exam”, one junior high schooler asked her with her head bent down” But Yukirin said nothing to him. “Why does she say nothing?” The boy wondered and lifted his face to look at her. Then Yukirin said “Finally we could make an eye contact♪ ‘I wish you the best with your entrance exam♥'”
And whenever I recall this episode, I’m like “WoooowwWWwwooooooOOOWW!!” lol

This is awesome…… but scary at the same time…. lol

Yukirin is the winner!!