Ariyoshi Kyowakoku finally made comeback as ”Funniest AKB’s TV show”

  July 11, 2012
“Because we don’t have enough budget to film on location, this time we do Ariyoshi AKB radio broadcast.
Yeah serious, this program really don’t have moeny lol”

LOL How much they’ve been reduced a budget???
“So you guys are doing a radio program, it’s called All Night Nippon, right?
I listened to it, somehow accidentally.”
LOL Arishoyo listened to that ANN broadcast?
 “I haven’t long been listened to the program, but there was one episode that drew my attention.”
Sashihara: “How was that?”
Ariyoshi: “How? I was cracked up.”
Ariyoshi: “I was seriously cracked up and almost tweeted about it.” 
Ariyoshi: “But I managed to stop it because I was afraid my twitter would get under fire.” 
LOL Ariyoshi…..
Uhmmm so they really don’t have money, right?
How come the most interesting TV show about AKB has suffered a lack of budget?
What they are doing is basically just filming on location with KKS that aren’t paid a lot.
So I don’t think their usual style of show cost much, too….
Maybe it’s just it will be more interesting if they do radio programs together?
Sure. I think a decent amount of people will listen to it, but probably Ariyoshi won’t accept the offer of that kind of job??
So it will be ANN that you can see facial expressions of casts.
They started talking about Sashihara~~~!!
Card: “About Sashihara’s future.”
Sashihara: “My future, from now, after this…..” 
Ariyoshi: “But what are you talking about specifically?”
Ariyoshi: “You mean, What should you do in order to not be paparazzi-ed?” 
Ariyoshi: “Come on!! You should reflect (on your past conduct)!!” 
LOL ” Reflect on what you’ve done…..”
Ariyoshi laughs way too much lol
It started teasing about Yokoyama’s “crying performance”~~~~~!!
Ariyoshi: “So people on 2ch says…… ” 
“Yokoyama’s crying in the election speech was crocodile’s tear!!” 
How seriously Yuihan answered to the alleged suspicion!!!
Yuihan: “I was certainly aware that tears didn’t flow out.”
“But my body was crying so hard. I think I’m a type of person, when my body cries, I can’t stop my body from trembling.” 
 “So I think it’s not about whether or not tears flew out.”
Ariyoshi: “So when your heart cries, your body trembles, too, right?”
Yuihan: “Yes, it’s gonna be like like that.”
Oh they now move on to “Selection Shinsa (:screening)”
“Though it’s said that it’s Kojima Haruna who saved Ohya Shizuka, but actually Kojima had no intention to save her.”

This is a very famous story.

This is the first time we hear this story directly from them?

Shiichan: “I’ve become KKS, but afterwards, adults held a screening.”
Haruna: “There was a screening and Shiichan was put onto the meeting table.”
Haruna: “Marichan said ‘Shiichan is a really funny girl. Don’t fire her!'”
Haruna: “Then Marichan said to me, ‘Right?’ and I said ‘Yeah’.”
“Yeah”…. lol
As we expected, she just casually agreed with Mariko….. lol
So she just nodded to Mariko’s word…
She is a savior for Shiichan.
LOL Too much exaggerating lol
Ariyoshi: “Sashihara suddenly has got ridiculously fat.”
“Witnesses say they saw a double chin of Sashihara when she appeared one of her regular TV shows.”
“They say ‘Sashihara got fat!!’ ‘Her profile is just like a fat woman!!’ ‘Her face… swelled so much!!’ ‘She looks like a middle-aged woman just pretending to be a cute young girl!!'”

LOL They are ranting, raving as much as they want!

They are so brave to air these words…..

“But…. because I had a lot of things lately, I’ve actually lost my weight.”
She said this in front of YUITAN!?!?!?

Ariyoshi: “You must watch out, there’re a lot of delicious foods in Hakata.”
Sashihara: “I would get fat….. I will be careful not to get fat.”
Ariyoshi: “If you get fat, then you’ll get awful bashing, like ‘Damn, Sashihara hasn’t reflected on what she has done at all!!!!!'”
Kojiman lol
“Saitama hero….”
“Saitama hero, KOJIMAN!!”

LOL This is completely a dirty joke.

Kojiman…. Momiman…. Ero….

Sashiman lololol

Ariyoshi: “Why don’t you do your own hero catchphrase!!”
Sashihara: “Oita hero, SASHIMAN!”
Yuihan: “Kyoto hero,”
Yuihan: “Kyoto hero,  YOKOMAN!”

Sashiman, Yokoman…. these words are relatively new but it’s okay to use these on the air? lol

Nyan-san looks like she liked this new catchphrase lol

Seriously she will go with this?? lol

KKS!! Ryoka-tan!!

Next week’s episode is , Sahihara PRIDE!!! (and 2012 Election’s backstage )

I think it’s because Ariyoshi is good at teasing girls or I should say his remark is so straight forward that it can make anything sound funny.

I’m surprised with the fact that Ohya didn’t have much presence in the show.