HKT Members comment for Sashihara Rino’s Upcoming HKT Debut

  July 5, 2012
Micha’s new Photo Collage: Team H ver.
Tomorrow is Sassy-san’s Shonichi Stage!!
I’m looking forward to it(∀’)!!
I should go to bed early to prepare myself for tomorrow (’д‘)
Though I won’t for a while.
Maybe I’m too excited that I can’t sleep?
(I’m actually a kind of person who fall asleep as soon as I lie on a bed, usually….)


I still haven’t used to the way they call Rino-chan….
Sassy-san…. It’s embarrassingly cute (д)
I will be Taniguchi Airi-chan’s Oshi from today.
Well…. Even Rena-chan was very shy to call her Sassy at first. She was like…. “Sa…Sassy…..san (blushed face)”.
So it’s a matter of time that they will call her without “san”!!

Shimono Yuki

Good evening!!!
So tomorrow, Sasy-san will finally have her Shonichi Stage for HKT48 theater!
Though I can’t join the show due to the injury, I wish all the best to you all!!
And…with total 22 members, HKT48 will be improving itself and become the strongest team of all 48 groups!!

Eto Sayaka

PS….. Tomorrow,
IS Sassy-san’s Shonichi at HKT48 theater!!
I wish all the best to her/\(^^)/
I’m with you, Sassy-san!!!
Eto-chan…than you so much
What a cute Oita-dialect (////)

Abe Kyoka

I will appear in TV show YYtele from 12:53 this afternoon★ω★
Please check it out if you can~\(^o^)/
I was so much fun(^o^)/
But…. From the next time, I will pay attention to speak louder!!
And…..Sassy-san!! I wish the best for you

Nakanishi Chiyori

You will see new HKT48 from tomorrow.
We will have Sashihara-san.
But I think this change will help HKT move in a direction to improve itself.
I believe this.
And I think all members will stand on tomorrow’s Stage, thinking the same as me.
Though from outside, it looks like I’m getting nervous, I’m actually looking forward to it so much!!
What will I talk to her? What will I ask her?
I’m so much exciting about this o(^o^)o
And I think I have tons of things to learn from Sashihara-san.
So tomorrow will be an important day for me.
And… if I can….. I want to call her without “San”……??
So… yeah, good night….. Zzz…..

Chori (; 😉
We can expect “Sassy” from her mouth!!

Moriyasu Madoka

And tomorrow is the day “HKT48 will re-born”?
I hope I will get a lot of inspiration from her debut Stage(^o^)v

Finally, she will make Stage debut….. What will it bring to us….!?!?

From Other members

Imada Mina

So tomorrow is Sassy-san’s debut Stage, what we call Shonichi, at HKT48 theater!!
Sassy-san!! Good luck to you!!
And I’m looking forward to being with you

Komori Yui

And tomorrow, we will welcome Sassy-san and hold our another Shonichi Stage.
At first, when I heard the news that Sassy-san will transfer to HKT48, I couldn’t figure out what’s going on, what would happen to HKT….. and I’d been overcome by uneasiness…
Or maybe I should say, I couldn’t understand the whole situation precisely….
And…. I greeted and talked to Sassy-san at handshake event….
Several things came across my mind.
If I take it positively, this is a really wonderful thing!!
Together with Sassy-san, I want to create HKT48 better than ever!!
I hope that some day many people will say “After Sassy joined HKT48, the team has become all the more amazing!!”
I want to do MC with Sassy-san at HKT48 theater!! I want to sing and dance with her!!
I hope I will improve my MC and want many people to say “Your MC has been improved so much after Sassy joined HKT48!!”
These are my honest feelings right now.
So now I don’t have a single bit of uneasiness!!
Together with all 22 members in our team, I want to move on and aim at higher spot.
I want to create an outstanding team together with all members!!
This is the chance that Akimoto-sensei gave us so that HKT48 will make a breakthrough.
So the last thing I want to do is to waste this precious chance.
Tomorrow, HKT will start it’s new Stage.
I’m truly looking forward to it.
So… for today, I practice, run through the choreo, make a preparation for tomorrow.
Sasy-san!! I’m looking forward to spending time with you so much
Everyone!! Thank you for your continued support to HKT48 and Komori Yui!!!

Wakatabe Haruka

So, from tomorrow, HKT will have 22 members!!
I think Sassy-san’s transfer is a chance that Akimoto-sensei gave to HKT48, as we’ve been improving ourselves, bit by bit, but somehow we run up against a brick wall.
We will never ever waste this precious opportunity that we will never have again.
We will definitely make the most of it.
I don’t call it “Progress”.
What we gotta go through from now is “Evolution”
I will learn and absorb a lot of things and evolve myself~~~!!!

Miyawaki Sakura

P.S: Tomorrow, finally Sassy-san come up at HKT48 theater’s Stage
I will give it my best(☆”#)

Kodama-chan, Kumazawa-chan and Ueki-chan also wrote about tomorrow’s Stage!!

Team H “Te o Tsunaginagara” Stage will start at 18:30 Today