Iriyama Anna’s self portraits are damn cute!!

  July 11, 2012
I think this girl’s self portraits are truly stunning.
LOL What are you talking about? This is not a human but Goddess.
I think you could find better picture of her.

Her face looks soooooo real in pictures!!

Her really has a good complexion!

From today, you’re Annin Oshi!!

I heard she is in a science course in her high school and has good grades?
↑She goes to a very competitive school.
She is such a fine-looking, I think she partially has European heritage….?
She says she is pure Japanese, but it’s because she just doesn’t know the truth, I think. She definitely has overseas blood!!
Probably she has 1/16 blood of Russian of French.
What astonishing about Annin is… she is even cuter in person!!!!
Anyway, in order to successfully make her Ota solve her homework problems, idols must be able to take cute self portraits!!

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If you’re talking about self portraits, then Chris is also quite beautiful! lol
With this looks, she is Anime Ota….. I think something is wrong in this world….
But…. she has her agency as her backer.
She is a phenomenal talent that got a contract with Ohta production just by her potential!!
By the way…. she is my Oshi but I can’t figure out what is her charming points other then looks….
She is witty so it’s funny to shake hands with her,
and she can talk so it’s interesting to listen to her on the radio…..
But probably because she way too much beautiful, all other things get blurry??
From her Ota’s perspective, despite being so beautiful, she is clumsy actually, and it’s what makes her so attractive.
But….. I don’t think ordinary people can understand this….. ^^;
If she would be even more clumsy to the extent where she would become Ponkotsu like Paruru, then people’s perception would be changed???
She resembles me.
↑Please marry me.
But she has such a bony face…..
Just looking at her looks, she is a ridiculously beautiful girl that can even stack up to Kikuchi,
But unfortunately she is smart and goes to a high class school….
Maybe it’s smart to market herself as a smart idol, as there are already too many natural airhead type of girls.
But there’s already Nakamatta~ in “smart idol” position….
And there also are tons of girls who have Hentai personalities….. uhmmm 
How about going with “flasher” character????
Her upper arms are so sexy…..
 If they create team Chiba, who will become Center??
She has something mysterious in her beauty.
Chiba? Chiba has such great members, including former members.
I think this is really interesting and hope she will continue!!

Iriyama Anna: “This is not homework!! Quiz Quiz!!”

Iriyama Anna: “i give you Quiz from 数B (usually studied by sophomore)”

I think girls who can get succeeded on Gugutasu are basically those who have continued what she’s started.
Annin is a kind of girl who tend to soon get bored with things but if she think now she is in a pinch, I hope she will continue this homework thing and attract more fans.
She is a Kojiharu type of girl, I think.
Beautiful, sexually a little plump and basically do things at her own pace.
I rather become interested in why this girl hasn’t gained that many fans?
Because she is all about looks…..
Actually she loves cute girls.
She’s already discovered Mrirurun as if it’s a matter of fact.
So I think she can go with “Cute girls eater” character?

I rarely see girls with Tsundere character, so I think this would be good for her… What do you think?
When we talk about Tsundere, we can’t forget Lovetan!!
She is such a Tsundere at handshake event..!
Speaking of Tsundere, Naana is also having tough time to gain fans…..
I think it’s difficult to go with Tsundere character as it’s impossible to fully express this character in 5 seconds.
I hope she will change this helmet-shaped hairstyle….
If she change part in her hair, she become look like an adult.
Basically this type of fine-looking girls are not popular among Ota except Shinoda Mariko.

Watanabe Mayu
Kashiwagi Yuki
Shinoda Mariko
Takahashi Minami


Kojima (margin 12,534)
Itano (margin 16,534)

Mitsumune, Iriyama = Out of the ranking
When I first saw her in Majisuka2, I was struck by he beauty and immediately searched for her.
It’s the first time that I’m hooked on a girl just by her looking after Okutama….
But she is just a beautiful girl and has no other unique characters.
Then, I will come up with her characters.

She is beautiful but Hetare.
She is beautiful but smart.
She is beautiful but her musical taste leans toward Rock’n roll.
She is beautiful but has no taste of fashion.
She is beautiful but can cook fine.

Uhmmmm there already are girls who have the same characters….
She is beautiful but Pedophile 
She is beautiful but love to flip up cute girls skirts
Her facial expression and body shape has been rounded lately.
Girls who I think beautiful at a first glance are,
Iriyama and Maeda Ami
If you include Moriyasu Madoka, I’ll give you 100/100.
Where are you looking at!!!
Skiet Hirari~~~~~~ (Skirt flitting~~~) 
Annin’s true value can be seen in her long legs!!
Wow she actually has a good figure!!
I don’t know much about her personality but I love her face.
So with what kind of picture she give us Quiz tonight…..