JKT48 has become (*Д*!!!) before we knew it (and 2other stories on French Kiss and NMB48)

  July 18, 2012

Kuramochi Asuka’s pitch hits a player of DeNA during the opening pitch ceremony

Popular idol group AKB48 sub unit French Kiss threw the first pitch for DeNA vs Yakult at Yokohama Stadium.
Kuramochi-san appeared on the pitcher’s mound for the first time since she pitched in September 2 years ago. She threw the ball with full power and it went left, bounced once and hit Uchimura Kensuke of DeNA.
She was disappointed that she couldn’t throw without any bounces

Kuramochi confessed with chagrin/frustration/disappointment that after she left the pitcher’s mound, she was told by her father, “Oh come on, how could you give your father one bounce pitch?”. But Kashiwagi praised her saying, “When you raised your leg as you threw the pitch, you looked very focused and cool. ” Takajo Aki showed her enthusiasm, “I’m good at sports, so if I have an opportunity to throw a first pitch, I’m eager to do it.” while Kashiwagi kept being hesitant, said “After the 2 girls threw their pitches and one more girl would still need to throw, I… will.”

From Yokohama DeNA baystars facebook
The first pitch ceremony by French Kiss just ended. Before the pitch, Kuramochi-san practiced seriously at bullpen. She passionately listened to Bancho (pitcher Miura Daisuke)’s instruction and practiced seriously.
Kuramochi-san, you threw a wonderful pitch!!(^_^)v

NMB48 4th gen auditions announcement

NMB48 4th gen auditions announcement

Today, at the first day of the tour at Otsu called “NMB48 Kiki concert tour ~Minasan ChapuChapu Shimasho (everyone let’s ChapuChapu)~”, we announced that we have opened the audition for the 4th generation of NMB48.
We will start taking applications for the 4th generation auditions from the 1st of August.


JKT48 has become (*Д*!!!) before we knew it

They are broadcasting JKT’s live concert on TV lol lol lol

http://youtu.be/Da8sHugDbrk – Heavy Rotation

http://youtu.be/B06Th40FyUE – Aitakatta

http://youtu.be/HLPRBdXJclk – Kiminokotoga Sukidakara

http://youtu.be/TrT05FMUAiQ – Ponytail to Chouchou

http://youtu.be/t5c0iJFsuCA – Hissatsu Teleport

http://youtu.be/TKwD_kCIWKA – Shonichi

http://youtu.be/M0c2fnsfj4w – Kiss site Sonsichatta

http://youtu.be/DWb-ISChnZk – Boku no Sakura

http://youtu.be/NiOjAyZFSuc – Baby! Baby! Baby!

http://youtu.be/G8TeAwawWw0 – Shiroi Shirts

Akimoto Yasushi, will you conquer Indonesia?

JKT’s version of Shukan AKB


The AKB franchise is expanding across the ocean


I think that previously Akimoto said that JKT is very popular in Indonesia

I feel so happy for their success in Indonesia. It is as if it had been my own success.