JKT’s Ace got serious about the game!!

  July 19, 2012
↑She looks  exactly  like Tanochan!!


Seriously!?!? She can stack up to Iriyama Annin!! 

Melody has had a stunning looks from the beginning!
Please make her hold a concurrent position in AKB!

This video made me a Ghaida Oshi.
Is she the girl with semi long hair??
Certainly she has a cute facial expression and her dance is cheerful!
How popular is she there?
Anyway, they have live music for their performance with a conductor! Awesome!
So they have MIX in Jakarta too lol
This reminded me of music TV shows in Showa-era…
I’m jealous of their live music!!

Melody-chan! (from the left, Melody, Cleopatra, Nabilah)

She is somewhere in between Chris (Nakatsuka Tomomi) and Annin? A beautiful girl.

As I watched youtube videos of JKT, I had an impression that most of their performance are live?
or were they lip-syncing?
Anyway, it’s nice as their performance has live concert feeling!

Isn’t this girl Tanochan, right!?

So just like us, they also are making fuss against management like: “Damn, why is this girl Center!?!? Pandawarman-chan is far cuter than Melody!!!” in Jakarta?

So despite my image of it, Jakarta is actually a developed place!
My personal image of Jakarta was…. say, if I light a fire by a lighter, people would be surprised lol

source, translated and edited by Ganita, Ryosuke and Tommy