Join us and share AKB news

  July 18, 2012

If you want to do ChapuChapu in hot spring, then what are you waiting for? Join us and share your posts with fellow AKB fans!
Oops sorry it’s a joke.
We are thinking to change this website into the place where readers can be writers and share their own posts (kind of like “Oh No They didn’t know”)
One reason is because in this way, we can cover more comprehensive topics on AKB48, and the other reason is that the current style that we use to run this website is very fragile as, say, if I got sick, this website would be over. So I’d like to gradually change this website into community from current form of personal blog.
We are currently working on the guideline for writers so that everyone can avoid double post and efficiently collect information.
You can ask for help on translation or editing from all of us. Even if your source is in Japanese and you unsure about your translation on the source and articles or you just don’t have enough time, call for the help and we will help you because here, we help each other.

P.S. Tommy may edit the layout of your post, changing fonts, adding pictures etc. but will never change the sentence.