Majisuka Gakuen 3: Ep.2 “Nakama no Shirushi (The Sign of Camaraderie)”

  July 21, 2012

Majisuka Gakuen 3 (マジすか学園3) EP01 “They’re also serious here as well” ~Thoughts and Impressions~

My thoughts on this week:

・Peace (Yuria) acting like a devotee was unpleasant.
・Overall, it was disagreeable.
・Tetsuo (AbeMari) is too weak.
・The way they showed the action was strange. It didn’t convey the power at all.
・Renacchi, Miorin and Suzuran are here!!

・ Somehow it’s just gross.

>Somehow it’s just gross.
I think it’s just because they put too much “girls love” stuff.
Even considering the fact that this is a female prison, and I love “girls love” stuff, this excessiveness is a bit of a turn off.

But… yeah I think the scene where Miorin and Katorena first made their appearance was nice. 

Why is Ichikawa Sudachi (Citrus) lol

Annin was a boss lol
I spewed coffee all over the place when Lemon was introduced as “Sudachi” lol
I don’t get where Katorena’s name, Shokkaku (Antenna), is taken from??

↑I think “Antenna” comes from her hair style.
Forehead antenna (made of her bang hair) is a staple of Renacchi.

The only scene I can praise is the one when Team Mongoose made their first appearance.

Probably Annin is a sub-leader just like Oba??
Although this is my personal speculation,
Nobunaga=Jurina and the boss of team Mongoose is Jurina.
So Mariyagi and Juri (Takahashi) haven’t appeared yet????

Anyway, because Ranran will appear next, I’m wondering how her acting skill is.
Based on what I saw from Bimyo~,  she is good at acting.

So Mongoose’s boss was Annin.
I’m looking forward to seeing Shimada vs Ranran!! lol
Katorena and Lemon are hard to cast in a drama unless they’re cast this way (characters that never talk).
Anyway, in the end, Habu will win, I guess….. (It’s boring that we already know how the story will end)

So Kitarie only had a cameo appearance (was an extra) in the 1st episode……I wanted her to appear in all episodes as a singer with no name that sings.
And in the last episode…. she will sing Kitahara Diamond….

So Uruse~yo and Tetsuo love each other??

I think Annin is too weak to be the boss of team Mongoose…
Even if Nobunaga is Jurina, I don’t think Annin can compete with her.

Really? The boss of Mongoose is Annin? It’s been confirmed?
I thought that the boss’s face hadn’t been fully revealed?

First of all, her voice is exactly like Annin’s.
And her mouth and chin also look like hers.

Somehow, Ranran, who has yet to utter a word, looked like the best actress lol

↑Suzuran is good at acting,
She passed (the 1st audition of) the Miyomoto Amon’s audition.

Maria…… you may look awesome if you’re a model, but….. this will leave a stain on your acting history….”

I somehow expect that Yuria/Peace will betray them….

Uruse~yo was so weak that I lol’d.
What was all that training for? (or, for what purpose was she training for?)

Lemon, Yamauchi, Kato ← Confirmed

With such a slow beginning, if a character on the level of Gekikara appeared, it would instantly make it interesting!
Seems like it’ll have that kinda illusion.

Certainly, there is no character like Gekikara or Torigoya in this series.

It looked like Yuria intentionally lost in order to draw out Paru’s true potential.

↑I think she was told something before she disappeared.

So these 7 girls are the strongest team in the prison, right?
Or it’s like only Nobunaga is strong but others are inconsequential enemies?

↑Probably it’s just that Paru is too strong. I think Uruse~yo, Tetsuo and Da~su are decently strong as well.
But the story is based on Nobunaga’s super power, and that’s what makes team Mongoose hesitated to attack Habu.

I think Kanon’s character is verbose.
If she continues acting like this till the last episode, it’s gonna be tough to watch.


Probably Habu beat Mongoose and dominates Prison.
If this Drama goes with team 4 as its center, then there won’t be enemy team anymore.

The murder will turn out to be a false accusation.
Probably they haven’t filmed outside, so I think the last boss is inside the prison.
Forgotten memory will be recovered.
I guess the last boss will be someone from Senbatsu.

Whatever, because I’m deadly interested in Abe Maria’s acting, I will definitely watch the next episode.

source, Translated and edited by Wingom, Ganita, Edo-san, Chase, Bryan, Carey and Tommy