Movie Director of ”Moteki”, Ohne raved Maeda Atsuko in ”Kueki Ressha”, and warned Ota

  July 16, 2012

From the movie director Ohne’s twitter account…..

Think about Kueki Ressha, “Yamashita Nobuhiro, Moriyama Mirai, Makita Sports, Schadara Shinko….” They’re all actually my favourite cast members
Plus, there’s Acchan. All this talk about this movie or
that movie (Ushijima, Brave tec.), blah blah blah, they’ll all be hits without
any particular help but this movie needs the help of the fans!! You guys have to
make the most out of the power of the Ota’s word of mouth!!

Can i assume that all AKB Otas will go and watch Kueki Ressha? If so then i
don’t have much to worry about. But!! I don’t think they’re gonna go!! Why not?! Go!!
Personally, it had the same impact as the first time i saw Harada Tomoyo!!
With that said, this is the birth of a movie actress! You must watch it
on the theater screen!!

To AKB fans who I think probably won’t go to watch Kueki Ressha. In this situation where the movie will start with a disadvantage in terms of the box office, the movie need your help!! Prove that “Movie Actress Maeda Atsuko can gather an audience!!” You guys have a responsibility of making this movie a big hit!!!!

Honestly, the power Yamashika Nobuhiro fans, Moriyama Mirai fans, Makita Sports fans and Takara Keigo fans, Suchadaraper’s Shinko fans…. And my dear Japanese movie fans….. are limited, and we, by no means, can compete with Umizaru or Helter Skelter!! To make this movie a big hit, we need the help of Maeda Atsuko and AKB fans!!!!!!!!

LOL He is so passionate… like Yoshirin!!!
Is he assuming all AKB fans are Maeda fans???

So has anyone actually seen the movie??

Anyway, AkiP will go to watch the movie…

Good luck with Atsuko Ota!!

I love Acchan so much but I don’t want the hassle of going to a movie theater…..

I love Acchan but this movie looks so boring….. It’s not her fault but the script is too retro

Well surprisingly, I definitely won’t go.
I mean going to the theater is troublesome…

I’m not sure if I should go or not.
I like the preview of it, but if I were to pay to watch it at the cinema then I don’t know…

If I were to summarize his message:
“You guys are freaking idol otakus, so you’d watch it if Maeda appeared, right?”

Ohne-san also said he wanted to star Oshima, yeah?

Ohne Jin
I’m finally starting to realize that AKB48 is interesting. I want to work with her(Yuko). @Anonymous: What do you think about AKB48? Is there any possibility that you’ll cast other AKB members in your movie?

He has to promote Kitarie’s movie too…..

Akimoto Yasushi
I got an email from Director Hitoshi One who directed ” MOTEKI “.
He said that he cried five times watching the AKB documentary movie . Thank you .
When I was still living in New York together with Yukihiko Tsutsumi , One was still just a student who used to live with us . We’ve known each other for about 23 years already .
It made me happy when I heard that he became the director of a blockbuster movie . He was once just an assistant director at the time .
He is talented but cheeky and always said ” I’m definitely going to make a break as a star ” .
Indeed, he did make true with his words .
When ” MOTEKI ” became a huge hit , I called One and said ” You seem a bit arrogant. Your reputation … it’s bad ! ” . And so , I blessed him with the utmost extent of praise .
One , once again , congratulations .
Mr. Baba of Hoichoi Production also highly praises your movie .
To One and Iwasaki of ” MOSHIDORA ” , one’s efforts will be paid off .

Wow so he has such a relationship.
I see lol
His last sentence lol

By the way, Maeda’s role is totally original for the movie adaptation and doesn’t exist in the original novel, right?
This casting is absolutely targeting the AKB Ota.

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The ota are animals that don’t go to watch movies frequently, I think.
MoshiDora failed not because it’s a bad movie but because of these characteristics of an Ota. (J * shortened)

As a group, AKB can sell 1 million or fill Tokyo dome for 3days….
But that doesn’t mean each member has that great a number of Ota…..

Somehow….. he sounds really desperate….

I believe the movie itself is well-made, though the story is not something that can capture an ordinary audience. I don’t think that this type of movie would be a hit in the first place.
Put simply, this is a movie for older generations.

 I’m not an Atsuko Oshi but because I’m fan of director Yamashita, I’m gonna watch this one.

Probably this is something that I borrow the DVD at Tsutaya, not something I can’t help but watch it in the theater.

Actually we might be in for a surprise if we watch this movie half-heartedly

Though I’m not an Atsu Ota, I will watch this movie.

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