MV of ”Kibou ni Tsuite” by NO NAME unveiled (and 3 other topics)

  July 21, 2012

NO NAME “Kibou ni Tsuite”, MV unveiled.

AKB’s new unit NO NAME “Kibou ni Tsuite” MV (CD will go on sale on Aug 1)

The fact that the judge who took off a helmet at the last is Mayuyu means the  judge is 3rdprototype, right?
This song sounds like old songs of Stage setlist…… I like this.
If they chose costumes that don’t have much influence from Anime, the performance would be much awesome, I think.
Somehow most of these members are solid performers, and there’re SKE members as well, so their dance performance would be so impressive.

Yup, Kuumin is one of the top talents of SKE. Mayuyu and Datemusume (Karen) have a reputation for their expressive abilities. Other members are nice as well.
I wish that this was not just a subunit only for this Anime…
Opening and Ending theme are one of the top notch songs of AkiP’s recent work.
People say AkiP wrote bullshits whenever they release new songs lately, but actually he has written pretty good stuffs!!

Shiichan’s Oppai make me feel……




Oshima Yuko “Merida to Osoroshi no Mori (Brave)” Movie Premier

↑Thank you for sharing this handsome man!!

New commercial of Apamanshop feat. Senbatsu members

It’s come~~~~~!!!!!

Sashiko is moving?? |LOL I saw the letter “Hakata” on cardboard boxes lol

LOL This commercial is centered on Sashiko!!

Rena-tan is left in the cold…..
Please someone help Rena!!!! Hentai come on~~~~!!!

Please!!! Let Rena-chan join into the circle!!!