Overseas AKB Ota appeared on Japanese TV (and 2other stories on Matsui Sakiko and Sashiko)

  July 14, 2012

What the heck is this foreigner…. I LOL’d (note: “Gaijin” said in not offensive tone)


Tano Yuka: “Hilary’s catchphrase!?!?”
Tano Yuka: “Awesome, Rina!!”
Tano Yuka: “Oshimen is Rina!!”
Tano Yuka: “How awesome Rina is, though I already know it!!”

See?  This is why Japan is necessary for the world. 

LOL Hilary is such a tough girl!! She gained her fans by that one event!!

Show me!!!! The true potential of GAIJIN OTA, what you’ve been boasting of!!!! (Parody of famous line in Gundam)

Takenaka Yudai (NOTTV)
It looks like we can enjoy listening to ANN in ease♪
Nobody can beat Amina-san’s MCing.
And I’m curious about that TV show’s segment on FujiTV…..
I wish Jef-san also appeared in the show.

Tano Yuka: “Are there anyone from overseas whose Oshi is Yuka~ (・∀・)? “
Tano Yuka:  “This person’s Oshimen is Miyaza-san!?”

Oh come on, I couldn’t watch this program, so Jef was in the show, too!?!?

Jef wasn’t there, But that foreigner who’ve come to watch Wednesday’s Annta Dare was in the show lol

Really? lol Thanks.

So even though these people have come all the way to Tokyo, none of AKB members guested the show!?!?

Mochiko will join the show.

What funny about him is his English sounds like Japanese though he is American!!!!

I think this kind of funny segment should be done in AKBINGO!~~

LOL Do Quiz contest in AKBINGO!!!

Yeah, I somehow  I want them to appear in BINGO (when they are that funny and love AKB that much).

Foreigners Show….. so funny lol


Haru-san lol
Harugon Oshi……lol
By the way, my Swedish friend next to me is now like (´Д`|||)
Moved by Kaotan’s speech~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol
So how did they excavate these kind of overseas Ota??
↑ Most of them have already been in TV shows of some kind.

↑ Inagawa Motoko office. 

The thing is…… This Hilary Oshi is SERIOUS!!

Yokoyama… lol

Yuihan Ota lol

Frank is so funny~~~~

I’m perplexed why Frank can’t speak Japanese fluently…

I think Frank-san is a nice guy!!

They are moved to tears …..

So after all these Gaijin are your compatriots lol

Kono Keshiki o Mitakatta (この景色を見たかった)

↑x2 LOL You lost to American !!

This Italian girl is cute.

Why didn’t they call Yoshirin for this show!!!!! He will get great pleasure from these awesome Gaijin Ota!!!

Basically what they’sre doing is just the same as what we Japanese Ota’re doing.

↑ The only and little difference is places where we’ve grown up We basically share the same characteristics of Ota.

If only I had an equivalent of AKB for them….. I would be super fluent in foreign language…..


Student of music college, Matsui Saskiko to star a movie

Matsui Sakiko to play a heroine of the movie “Bingo” directed by Yamada Yusuke
AKB48 Matsui Sakiko, selected for a heroine role for Yamada Yusuke movie, playing a piano in the movie

Matsui Sakiko 7/14 7:58

I’m going to reveal it today!!
What a surprise.. I’m going to play a role in a movie!! \(^^)/
To know more, click here:
Sakiko Matsui of AKB48 will be one of the casts in the movie “BINGO”!!

Please check it out!!

Then again horror movie….orz

It’s a good thing that you managed to make it in the election!!

Saskiko-san congratulation!


Despite her face is like that, she is actually a super Hentai……
I agree 1,114
I disagree 92

How awesome to see that the top comment on AKB related news on Yahoo is a favorable one for the girls……

Though the fact the this comment can be considered a favorable one is already funny or weird…. lol

Of course this is compliment!!
Because if it’s members like Shisho who are not particularly famous among ordinary people, people may make comments like,  “So….Who?” lol

So the reason Saskiko had been busy is this movie?

FNS 27hour Television will hold “Sashihara, tatta Hitorino Zannen Live (Sashihara, all alone ‘sorry for it’ live concert)”

FNS 27hour Television
“Sashihara, tatta Hitorino Zannen Live (Sashihara, all alone ‘sorry for it’ live concert)”http://ameblo.jp/hkt48/entry-11302071758.html
(Skip) It was supposed to be performed with other AKB48 members, but because Sashihara was transferred to HKT48, she is going to be on a show all alone….

Almost 100% this is going to be “Prank”!!

Why not bring HKT48 members.
They are on summer holidays, right?

I looks like AKB48 members, HKT48 members and members of Waratte Iitomo will make surprise appearances.
Anyway, needless to say, it will ends with Sashiko crying so hard lol

I don’t think this show will develop towards to making Sashiko cry.

I’m dying to see this live concert~~~~~~~!!!!!