Paruru: ”Sashihara-san is everything to me. I love her!!”

  July 17, 2012

Shimazaki Haruka

Shimazaki Haruka : “My feeling for Kanon-chan is more like Love than Like???”
Fan :What is Sasshii to you?
Shimazaki Haruka“Sashihara-san is everything to me. lol I love her so much.”

Wow it’s real!

Where can I find this comment? Are you making up a lie?

↑She is answering the questions of the fans from the comments on her G+.

Wow, so just like what I read on Marutto,
Sasshii is really an important person to her…..
Really, Sashihara is such a special person to 9th gen members…

It might be too much to say this, but if were it not for Sasshii, Paruru would have already left AKB48.

Sasshii and Paruru have various kind of episodes, both good and bad ones (the bad ones occurred between their fans), but even from the early days she has been taking care of Paruru.

From weekly Playboy mobile:

So this is the 2nd installment of Sashiko’s idol reports.
In this dream column, Sashihara will introduce idols who have made her “antenna go up”.
(Skip) This week’s idol that she will be introducing is…. don’t be too pleased!! This week’s idol is from AKB48!!


She is AKB’s KKS, Shimazaki Haruka-chan!!
She is now 16 y/o, a 9th gen member and her nickname is Paruru.
Sashihara has been paying close attention to Paruru lately!!

There were many adorable junior members in AKB48 in the past.
7th gen’s Komori is very cute, I think.
But they are junior members.
So as a member of AKB48, they don’t make my heart pound

But Paruru is different!!

She is so brilliant that I want to be her Oshi. However, not as “AKB48’s Sashihara”, but rather, as “idol Ota Sashihara”
However, I won’t tell this to Paruru herself…
Because it will make our relationship awkward…

So why is Sashihara such a passionate fan of Paruru?
It’s because Paruru “makes me worry!”!
When it comes to idols, it is the idols who make you feel like you want to protect them that carries a huge appeal!!
In theater performances or in her regular life, Paruru is somewhat awkward around people
She is a type of idol who makes you worry for her.
She makes us feel like….. “I want to watch, protect and help her grow”….
I myself had this feeling for the first time in my life as I was watching Paruru.
As her senior in AKB48, I want her to grow up to have a professional manner,
But from the perspective of an idol Ota, I kind of wish she wouldn’t change…..
Eventually, people will grow and change.
And that’s a wonderful thing.
But when I imagine a time when Paruru will no longer be awkward around others….. it makes me feel sad…
Even though this would mean that she has spent a lot of effort in improving herself…… I would feel so lonely…..
This Ota feeling is kind of like a parental feeling….
I believe you idol fans can understand this.

But even though she often acts awkward, she still tries to talk with her seniors, and that makes her all the more cute.

When she sees me, she approaches me like, “Sashifara-fa~~nnN, please be friends with me~~~~!! \(^_^)/”
Yeah this is an awesome impersonation, isn’t it?
When this happens, I just casually say, “? Alright.”
But in my heart, I’m shouting like, “She is so cute!! OMG, She is so pretty~~~~!!”
So when she made cover appearances on Weekly Playboy and Young Jump, I felt lonely. However, I was happy about it as well.
She is still not used to photo shoots? Or I should say her facial expressions are still stiff.
But once she gets used to Gravure photo shooting, she will improve herself, I bet you!!

source 1, 2, Translated and edited by Christine, Yusuke and Tommy