Public Sassiharassment (and 3other topics on Mayuyu, Nogizaka46 and Pachinko AKB)

  July 13, 2012

Sweet Adult Mayuyu

Mayuyu’s fashion term dictionary “letter F”

I got sweet~!! (sweet: Title of woman’s magazine)
Mayuyu shows her maturity, beauty and cool image in the magazine.
Mayuyu’s eyes have a power and because her pupils are very beautiful, she is so photogenic!!!
Everyone! Hurry to go to convenient stores or book shops!!

She is extremely cute!!! Sweet did an impressive job!!

Too beautiful….

Seriously, after they reach “letter Z” I want them to publish a photobook that contains all photos from A to Z!

If possible, I want them to do this pictorial 2 by 2 every month!

That’s exactly what I’m thinking\(^o^)/
I buy 3 copies, one to enjoy photos, one to keep in immaculate condition, and one to keep in immaculate conditon forever.

CR Pachinko AKB48 looks fun!!

You can watch the PV on this Pachinko Machine although it’s not as clear as the real one.
LOL They play overtune like it’s a matter of fact!?!? It’s a bit embarrassing lol

LOL They play overtune like it’s a matter of fact!?!? It’s a bit embarrassing lol

It somehow looks fun lol

Public Sassiharassment

The funny part of the MC was, when they were talking about what they want to do in this summer, Annya said “I want to kiss Sassy on top of the Ferris wheel!” Then Rino-chan snapped, “No~~~pe” and started quarrelling/frolicking together, but I never failed to hear when Sassy said, “If it’s Sakura-tan….. (I want to kiss)” lol

After all, it’s Sakura-tan as we expected!! lol

This is the real truth of Sassiharrassment lol

So her favorite is Sakura-tan, right lol

Sugamoto: “(She’s talking about haunted house) but you know inside those monsters, there are humans who were working very hard.”Sashihara: “Oh come on!! Stop it!!”
Uitan (Komori Yui): “Sakura-chan (will be shocked) !!”
Sakura: “Wait, so they are not real monsters…..!?”
Sashihara: “Sakura-cha~~~~n, I’m so sorry~~~ (sobbing and stroking Sakura-tan’s cheak ). Guys, don’t ruin children’s dreams!!!”

I want to watch the MC~

Nogizaka46’s “Hashire! Bicycle” MV will be French Pop taste

Thanks!! By the way, it’s hard to tell who’s who when they are wearing wigs lol

It’s alright for members who look fine with Gal make-up, but Ikuta-chan looks somehow out of place…

This is cute but….. Ikuchan looks a bit awkward….

Because Ikuchan has a nice figure, if you think this is a setting where she plays a Pop style character, I think this style suits her well.

Because color-wise, the costumes and wigs they wear in the PV match the background really well,
I think it would be better for them to give up that amazingly ugly costume they wore in Nogizaka tte Doko and go with this costume and background for every TV show!

But it seems like this doesn’t have any story of some sort.
Or….. they will separate PV into 2 parts like they did for Oide Shampoo?
Anyway, the song is decent but their choreo is not cool as usual….