Sashihara Rino harassed Miyawaki Sakura-tan (and 3other topics on Sayanee, Amina and Acchan)

  July 6, 2012

Miyawaki Sakura

Today’s photo is with Sassy-san!!
When I asked Sassy-san “Can I talk a photo with you?”, she hugged me so tightly and said “Fine!!”
Sassy-san is funny?♪?

She immediately found her target for SashiHarassment~~~~!!!!!

LOL it looks like she has no intention to look at camera!!

One second before SashiHarassment starts.

Sakura-chan!! Run away~~~~~~!!!!
Come on!! Don’t you never ever tell what happened to Aamin!!
She would cry if she knows what Sashiko is doing in Hakata..
I love both of them so I was actually expecting this to happen, but…..
LOL it’s too early!! And she is seriously hugging Sakura-tan!!
And….. I’m perplexed why Sassy hugged Sakura-tan in this flow of conversation!?!? lol
This reminds me of how Lovetan was resisting to SashiHarassment…. lol

Miyawaki Sakura
Everyone thank you so much for supporting us\(^^)/
And…. so…. this is SashiHarassment that I’ve kept hearing about!!! lol

Sayanee in comic “Jigoku no Misawa” style

I drew this picture. What do you think??
Please note that I’m not a person who made Yuttan version.

Thanks!! I saved it!!www (^人^)丿


Masuda Yuka
This is the photo that I couldn’t help but save it.
Masuda Yuka
And the original version of this parody lol

Ero & Kawaii photo of Amina

I found this one!
Where did you find it?
Anyway thank you so much! I saved it for 10 thousand times!!
You want to show off your panty, don’t you? Don’t ever try to fool me, I know what ur thinking!!!!
This is such a perfect photograph!!
Amina’s expression…. and her profile with her eyes half closed….

Maeda Matsuko dressed in Kimono for Toyota’s new commercial

From Mezamashi TV 

Well, it’s not that bad.
They look so friendly each other!
Acchan co-starred Drama with Yoshitaka Yuriko… that’s why she talk with her so friendly?
Yeah they look all close to each other.
They are all at the same age?
She is as old as Trindle.
Yushitaka is at the same age as Yuko.
I actually want Itano and Yuko to join them and have hotpot dinner together.
When did she go to London!?
She went there during solar eclipse.
Though of course she didn’t reveal that she’s been there.
I don’t think the commercial is that great, but it’s so nice and reassuring to see Acchan seems to have no problem to communicate with other 2 girls^^