Shimada Haruka Trying to make Homemade Bread vol.0

  July 19, 2012

This ado happened one week before Shimada’s name Uruse~yo in Majisuka3 has announced
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Shimada Haruka 7/2 19:09
I ended up buying a GOPAN (bread making machine)!!!
I’m gonna make some now!!!!
It looks like you can even make bread with zakkoku rice!!!
(Sugi-chan’s parody)

She’ll probably get bored of this machine right away, lol.

Will this be better than the bread Nakamata made?

Shimada Haruka
I was thinking of making bread.
Then I opened the cookbook, and it looks like
you need dry yeast and salt-free butter
OMG!!( ;´Д`)←

Are you from the generation of cram-free education!?

Shimada!!! You started all the way from that point??

What is her idea of bread!?!?

You can’t make it just by buying a machine.

I think she thought she could make bread by putting rice into it.

Hey KKS un’, go to the store for dry yeast.

Shimada Haruka
I thought it would’ve worked if I put rice in.

LOL Awesome….

But I think you can buy bread at stores. It’s much more fuss-free and delicious.

Shimada should get Nakamata to give her the ingredients.

If you just put rice in the machine, it just cooks fluffy rice.

Shimada Haruka
I bought it( ;´Д`)!!!
Tomorrow at 7 am,
the 1st Shimada-bread will be complete((((;゚Д゚)))))))!!!!!!

Wanna eat some?

Takahashi Juri
I wanna eat some, Shimada-san!!

Will Uruse~yo Shimada become delicious Shimada?

I bet my 200 Komeda on that Shimada will upload a photo of the situation that she totally failed to bake bread, and Nakamata will m9(^Д^)プギャー(pointing forefinger at Shimada) at her on G+

I have a feeling that she will upload a photo of fantastically beautiful bread, but because it’s so well-made, it will end up being discovered that she actually bought is at Vie De France (famous bread shop franchise in Japan).

Shimada of the GOPAN Group, Nakamata of the Hand-made Bread Group, and Shimazaki and Ichikawa of the Melon Bread Group.
The first Team 4 Bread War has begun.

Shimada Haruka
Uh, that’s an interesting noise………
Are you ok in there, Shimada-bread…..?

Calling it an “interesting noise” ROFL

It’s exactly like “URUSE~YO (:You shut up!).”

I remember that some review on said GOPANs make a really loud noise.

The sound of a GOPAN

That would be annoying for the neighbors lol

It’s so loud! I’d never use one of those!

The neighbors: “Shut up Shimada!!!” lol

If this was my first time hearing one, I’d feel uncomfortable too

At least it’s natural for her to wonder if she did something wrong lol

It makes me laugh so hard that Gopan and Shimada actually share a feature.

Nagao Mariya
ヽ( ´¬`)ノ
Shimachan-bread… Uruse~yo (Shut up)!

Mariyagi-san, nice one! www

What a precise retort~~~~ That’s what we expect from NGO~~~!!!

Mariyagi speaks for us.

At this point, the idea that Nakamata=bread has been blown away and now in my mind is the idea that Shimada=Shimada-bread=”GOPAN Uruse~yo”.

Even if she could successfully cook bread, it would go something like:
Shimada: “I successfully baked bread!! So this is a gift for you. How does it taste?”
Paruru: “Just normal…”
NGO: “Even the taste of Shimada-bread is… Uruse~yo!!” ←This Uruse~yo means “taste too much something”

Shimada Haruka
Shimada-bread, uruse~yo( ;´Д`)!!!

Finally, even she said it herself lol

source, Translated by Edo-san, Wingom adn Tommy