Tanochan: Can you see the improvement of team 4 from our Stage performance?

  July 27, 2012

Tanochan, Team 4 member, who is highly valued by senior members for her performance and attitude,
finally mentioned the poor quality of her team’s Stage performance.

Tano Yuka
Can you see the improvement of team 4’s Stage performance ?
I want you to tell me your honest opinions.
Personally I think team 4 hasn’t improved much…
Though I’m not in the position to say such thing in a bossy manner, but I want to speak up my honest opinion because I’m a team member.

I started thinking about this after I saw Minarun-san’s post.

Members have given a lot of thoughts, and made a lot of efforts….. but something is different from other team’s performances(゜_゜)

And I think I can kind of understand why team 4’s performance is different from theirs….(´・ω・`)

Every time, Staffs leave their impressions after we finish Stage performance.

Still…. how should I put it…. I haven’t been able to display my natural self, or I should say my real self!
It’s not good that we still hesitated in communicating with each other when we’re in the same team.
Maybe it’s partly because of our lack of experiences (´・ω・`)?

Thank you so much everyone!
After reading through your comments, I could consolidate my opinion….or my thoughts….!?

Even if individual members has improved, as a team, we should create something terrific by cooperating together with all team members!
I thought like this after we wrapped up the last “Boku no Taiyou” Stage(´・ω・`)?

I want to share opinions with team members more(´・ω・`)
Because i still don’t know what other members are thinking about(´・ω・`) ?

Though it’s natural, I mustl say that members, who are good at dancing, concerned about the current state of team 4.

I think it took a lot of nerve to share this message on G+.
This girl actually can be a good captain, can’t she?

It’s not that sharing message on G+ is important.
What matters is whether she will take a concrete action.

At least it’s good to know that Tanochan sensed the crisis about team 4’s current state.
This girl…. I’ve been hoping that she will grow…

She is something like Takamina in team 4??

It’s about how many senior members share the same sentiment as Tanochan. Hope many seniors will take actions to change for better.

Are there any members outside team 4 that Tanochan can ask for advice?
I think it’s a shame to let this girl go unnoticed….

If there’re senior members who are willing to offer her serious help, needless to say, it’s Okaro and Sae.
Sae praised Karen and Tanochan’s performance and attitudes in the interview with Bubuka.

She can be a good fit for K, as well as A.
I think her talent will fully bloom in top teams

↑She is such a great talent as she played Under for Takamina’s Itoshisa no Axel even though she is not a team A’s member…!

↑Though it’s because the member who’ve played Under for the song could not attend the show due to non-AKB-related-work.
Under is not just about talent but it matters whether the costume can properly fit her.
But, anyway, I thought her performance has a lot of room to grow, and I’m speaking this in a good sense.

I completely agree with her opinion, but is it okay to share this on G+ where many of her fans are watching.

I think she intentionally chose G+ to share her opinion on such a serious topic so that other members can’t ignore.
Coz… she is junior members in team 4, and probably members of the team care little for her opinions.

Her remark reassured me as I could know that there is a member who think like this, and said it out loud in team 4.
I want the captain to learn from her lol

Can you elaborate more exactly what is bad about team 4’s performance?
Did they dance poorly? was their MC boring?
Maybe I need to go to watch Boku no taiyou to form my opinion, though I’m a bit scared of applying to team 4’s performance (since it might be a waste of time and money)

they had enough time to improve their performance but still their choreo isn’t synchronized.

Ohba Mina
Team 4’s next Stage has been scheduled!
It’s Nakamatta~’s Sentansaiヽ( ´ー`)ノ

Though not all members of team 4 will join the Stage….
There are many things left to be improved,
now we just need to improve them one by one.
I want to hear how you feel, and think about team 4.

I’m reading comments from you. I read Tano’s comments as well.
I also know what staffs are thinking about team 4.
There’re many different opinions, and rather than making use of these opinions as a base of my decision, I just wanted to hear opinions from you.

↑I think this is a bit confusing.
It sounds like as if she is trying to say, “There are many different opinions so I hear staffs opinions but I don’t use them for reference (base).”

They’d better let her join team A or K.
When she find a good mentor, she will grow further.

If Sokaku will be real and she joins other team after she underwent this kind of conflict, I would expect her to play a leading role in her new team.
Fortunately, she is still very young, so she just gotta give it her best in the place she belongs to.

I must say, “Tano-chan, that’s what I want to hear!!”
Though she is junior to other team 4 members, making her a captain for the team will surely be beneficial for the team.

Tanochan is the person who can shoulder the fate of next generation.

Tanochan sometimes suddenly gets very honest.
I was astonished when she retorted “Nope!” right after she was called “Jomon man” by Takahashi Juri in Renacchi’s Seitansai.
If she can always be like this, I think she can be one of the most stirring member of 48 group.

Some people value Shimada as MC because Ohba is poor at MC-ing,
but Shimada’s MC-ing is also one of the factors that interfere the growth of team 4’s MC or make ita bad mood.

↑Definitely, she is trying to be cheerful but people can’t keep up with her pace.

As for MC. I want Shimada to be more reserved.

MC…Ohba, Iriyama
Boke…Nagao, Juri, AbeMari
Noisy…Yamauchi, Kawaei
Teased (Bullied?)… Ichikawa, Shimada, Komariko, Nakamatta~
Special weapon… Iwata, Tano
Serious remark to funny comments…MiyuMiyu, Renacchi
Spew venom… Shimazaki

Though it’s still unknown who will play a role of retorter,
I hope they fix each member’s role in MC like this.

↑Oba can make a good retort, does she have enough venom???
She can make a funny remark and show cute reactions when she was retorted,
so basically I have an impression that Oba is good at talking.
At least among 9gen members.

Tanochan wasn’t invited to Ariyoshi Kyowakoku, and she had no presence in AKBINGO!,
She is a typical internet tough girl, will she have a future if she continue on to be member of AKB48?

Certainly she is like a stone statue of Buddha when she is in TV shows, it’s astounding when we expect the same Tanochan on G+.

Probably she is not good at talking, but… haha what’s wrong with being poor at talking?

↑She stood out the most in Shukan AKB though…
Probably it is because of the members who she appears with in TV shows, which means she still lacks the experience or something.
I read her dialogue with Tomu in AKB newspaper, and had an impression that she thinks that 12gen members still severely lack of the necessary experience to overshine senior members.
The reason she looked like a main star in Shukan AKB is because she co-starred with other 12gen or similer gen members.

Shimada tends to quickly move to another topic when the mood gets a little dull,
but I think it is really pressuring to other MC members to talk something real funny.

↑Probably Shimada is basically a very diligent girl so she is just trying to facilitate the program, but she need to learn how to turn seemingly tedious talk into interesting one.

Is it a good thing to play Under for top team members when team 4 members are actually regular members, not KKS?

When it comes to team 4, I think it would be better for them to play Under in other teams as much as possible.
I think they can learn more from playing Under than team 4’s stage.
And,  before anything else, they will be more motivated.

How about creating a dance unit with Karen and some other highly motivated members??

I think with Tano, Iwata, Aigasa and OshimaR together, they can create something awesome.

↑x2 It’s gonna be like next generation’s 梅島夏代….

Tanochan got +1 from Saru-obasan with her comment “I want to perform End roll!!”

↑And after that, Saruoba-san mentioned and featued Tanochan in her G+ post.

Nishiyama Kyoko
Saruoba “Today’s AKB theater, we hold RESET Stage with Tanochan and 10~13gen members!!
Maybe because they are inspired by Tanochann’s dynamic performance!! I clearly could see the trace of their improvements in choreo!!!”
Saruoba “As many of you know, Tanochan is a killer dancer that everyone admit. (Skip) Watching Tanochan’s performance and her stoic attitude in rehearsals remind me of the old saying “People become the best at what they love the most.”

By the way, this girl is good at performance? If she isn’t, nobody cares about her remark, i think?

↑She is known for her outstanding performance skill.

↑x2 Dancing is raison d’etre for her.
Though she recognizes that she need to improve her talking skill.

Honesly I think members like Tanochan AbeMari. and Karen are fed up with senior members poor performance in team 4….

This won’t be resolved witout Yasusu clealy admitting that “I’m sorr,tTeam 4 was a totally fail.”
That’s the starting point and they should reinforce team 4 after making it clear that team 4 is a team of losers.

↑It’s already made clear….
The best scenario is that will be a sort of identity of team 4, and leads members to have rebellious attitude.
But because of management’s promotion push for them, it seems it’s unlikely that they will realize it.
Tanochan and Karen, who have joined team 4 later than original members of the team, probably have already realized that the team they have embarked on a sinking ship (team 4)….