The popular talent in TV commercial ranking, AKB dominates top spots (and 2other topics on HKT48 and ANN Sashiko)

  July 10, 2012

AkiP’s ruling “Sashiko’s transfer to Hakata” got the best listener rating

AkiP’s ruling “Sashiko’s transfer to Hakata” got the best listener rating  
 Nippon broadcasting announced that June 15 broadcast of AKB48 All Night Nippon ranked top among all programs aired from 1am to 3am (mid-night) on Friday. The number of it’s listener rating was 0.5%.

In the broadcast, Mr. Akimoto Yasushi had a talk with Maeda Atsuko, and afterwards, Sashihara Rino joined the program. Mr. Akimoto told to Sashihara that she will be transferred to HKT48.
The company explained “When there’s some kind of surprise, listeners listen to our radio broadcasting.” In the previous survey in Apr, the best listener rating program had was 0.2%, which means this time it increased the number 2.5 times from Apr.

Radio connection was not stable on that day.

AkiP plus Acchan effect, maybe?

It’s no brainer. They are national idols.

They can top the ranking by only 0.5%??

Why don’t Yahoo put this kind of news on it’s top page!!??
It will shut Anti up….!

I think they’d better stop that weeks that viewer rating are surveyed are hosted by Senbtasu members , and other weeks are hosted by other members…..
It’s rude to Nippon broadcasting, too.

The popular talent in TV commercial ranking, AKB dominates top spots

Nihon Monitor released “The popular talent in TV commercial ranking in the first half of 2012″, based on the number of companies they are endorsed by.

In female talent segment, AKB48 members Maeda Atsuko, Itano Tomomi and Shinoda Mariko tied for top position. Last year’s winner Oshima Yuko ranked forth.
Itano Tomomi 17 endorsements
Shinoda Mariko 17
Maeda Atsuko 17
Takahashi Minami 16
Ashida Mana 15
Sashihara Rino 15
Oshima Yuko 13
Ueto Aya 12
Kashiwagi Yuki 12
Kojima Haruna 12
Takei Saki 11
Sawa Homare 10
Becky 10
Amami Yuuki 9
Ayase Haruka 9
Gouriki Ayame 9
Watanabe Mayu 9
Sasaki Nozomi 8
Yokoyama Yui 8
Rola 8

All members who appeared in this ranking have solo commercial.
Mariko has been endorsed by RYURYU and Himitsu’s commercials so she will surely increase the number!!
Mariko-chan will have more and more solo commercials, so I’m looking forward to the result!!

HKT48’s Kami 7 Gravure in Weekly Playboy Magazine is awesome!!


The girl in the far right has little fat legs…♥

That’s right. It’t like “the skinnier, the better”.
Her legs are perfectly plump!!

I always perplexed that why the captain don’t join members like this?

Because this captain is not even as famous as KKS, Eto Sayaka.

Madoka is awesome… Ero, but noble at the same time…

Overall, Eto is the best. But why she can’t get promoted? Because she is not good at dancing?

It’s become a thing of past. Though, I can’t say she is now a good dancer.

Where’s Aanya~~~~!

Miyawaki-chan…… You’re way too much Loli….

I think there faces are the current best 7 members of Hakata,
But it doesn’t mean they are top7 members that management want to push.

Anyway, Yuukosu, Sakuratan and Haruppi. These 3 girls are absolutely extraordinary.
That’s all I can say. And I think you don’t necessarily stick to Kami7. NMB’s top members used to be dubbed Kami6.

Yuukosu’s Oppai is just like I’ve kept hearing about.
And…. Center is not that bad at all!!
If you talk about a beautiful girl, Eto is the one.