Things we learned from NHK’s radio program ”AKB三昧”

  July 9, 2012

The reason Takamina and Kojiharu accidentally wore the same private clothes is not because Takamana improved her taste of fashion, but Kojiharu’s taste has degraded.

Despite her looks, Kimoto Kanon-chan’s voice was not so Loli (what pedophiles crave for).
Matsui Rena-chan’s competitive spirit is tremendous.
Jurina: “Team S’s dancing is more intense than team K”
Rena: “yay!!”

Kawaei Rina can speak smoothly with a poise.

Certainly, I’m a bit shocked with the fact that Kanon’s voice is not Loli at all….

Backtalk among staffs are by far deeper than I expected. (except several parts)

Highlights of Majisuka3 are Shimada and Kanon

Atsuko is Atsuko, even though it was her last Kobetsu handshake event.

14gen are now on training session.

Sashihara’s remark that she “COMMUTEs” to Hakata once a week lol

Shinobu passionately approached to announcer Aoki (←Handsome), but as expected, she was gently shrugged off by him.

Maybe AKB would never exist if it were not for Lovetan.

Chintomo-san is as always at her own pace!!
She didn’t even come to the set studio for this radio broadcasting!!

The number of songs that haven’t seen the light of a day may be  tens or even hundreds times as many as the number of songs that have released.
Though I think it can be true to all other music acts.

It’s not necessarily true.
Tsunku writes songs quickly, and Yoshimasa writes one song (except ones of AKB48) within minutes as well.
Akimoto is one of few people in this business who demands many things to composers.
Though he is notorious for his explicit push to his Oshimen, I respect him as a musician.

I’m surprised that Kanon’s voice is very normal.
And…. alternated version of Baby!x3 is difficult to hum.
I like the current version the best.

The fact that former Harugon’s new nickname hasn’t been used by members at all.

Even Mr.Ishihara doesn’t have much knowledge about 10gen~ members.

He knows a lot about 12gen, especially Tano-chan.

The person who management must watch out the most as source of information leak is…. after all Akimoto Yasushi.

Akimoto Yasushi has been completely fished/under a spell by Milky.

Ishihara: “How are AKB doing of late?”
Takahashi: “How are AKB doing recently?”
Takahashi: “Oh, you use such a difficult wording!”

Ishihara: “So you will play a role of Joshu, won’t you?’
Shimada: “????”
Ishimara: “It means a female prisoner.”

Atsuko: “What does “chaos” mean?”

Yeah yeah, Acchan was taught the meaning of chaos lol And she used it at the end!!

When Acchan is happy, it makes us happy.

I had an impression that Jurina is very mature for her age

I think it’s more like that her age has finally caught up with  looks and become exuding an different charm…

At handshake events, Milky asks staffs that, “What score will you give me?”
And they won’t be released until they answer, “100/100”.

Abe Maria is as Ponkotsu (“uncontrollable” in this context) as Komori in live radio shows…. It’s so risky to let her join live shows lol
HKT members are so immature that they still can’t do interesting MC.
After all, I’m convinced that Senbatsu members are very reliable in terms of talking ability, too.

Abe Maria still thinks that it’s “Manatsu no Sound Good!”.

Abe is a person who bravely said, “So what has Minarun-san been doing during your absence??” during MC of Minarun’s comeback Stage lol

Sassy’s aggressive character is directed by Akimoto.
It was his order to her that, “Go more aggressive!! Don’t be afraid to be hated!!”
I think his intuition saw through her metal toughness and that’s why he makes her play a role of Hetare villain.

Unreleased version of Soredemo Sukidayo goes beyond Hetare and reaches to the point of self-abuse.

↑顔はがんばれ! lol (Good luck with your face (though it can’t be helped))

おしゃべり自分~♪ (Talkative me~~)

The tentative first title of PeraPeraPerao was おしゃべり自分.

Probably the protagonist of Majisuka3 will be Shimada and SKE members???
Even though they talked a lot about Majjisuka3,
They didn’t mention Paruru even once.
She wasn’t even invited…

It looks like Yasusu favors Haruu but at the same time worries about the way she is lol

↑x2 I think they thought it would be too risky to let Paruru join live broadcasting,
and because it’s a important period for her, they avoided it.

The reason AkiP doesn’t update G+ frequently anymore is not because he’s been busy but he got tired of G+ lol

Yuihan shouting to fans from a bus window, “Everyone, who is your Oshi~~~~~!!?”

She is so cute~~~~!

AkiP got so high when Maeda, Sashihara and Jurira came to the studio.

He also likes Milky so much.
He was retorted by Kasai, “Akimoto-san has got so interested in Milky.” lol

Wasamin’s vocal ability she displayed when she sang Mujineki in Karaoke was even better than her vocal recorded in CD!!

He wanted all members to apply to Miyamoto Amon produced audition because it will be a good experience for them,
And he feels regrets that members like Okaro didn’t join it due to their busy schedules….

When members go out to have meals together, they almost always have pasta.

Sakura no Shiori had been unreleased for years after he had an idea of the song.

When she was forced to call Harugon, Haruka, Chikano got a little frustrated.

NHK took a risk to go on the brink of violating it’s broadcasting guideline (because they talked in a very open, sometimes inappropriate manner), because if it’s AKB, it’s worth it.

Shinobu mentioned Erepyon when she was talking about Junen Zakura.

Though it’s NHK, other corporations names came up frequently in their conversation.
For instance: Shiseido, AKBINGO!…

But somehow, they stubbornly paraphrase iPod as, “Portable music player” lol

After Heisei-era started, NHK has become more flexible than it used to be.
It’s alright to mention names of other TV companies programs or corporations.
But things like iPad, names of trademarked products are still not allowed in NHK’s programs.

But there’s a scene that members said the word iPod, so it’s not that strict, isn’t it?

Mr. Yuasa at King Records is age unknown. Besides, he behaves in a suspicious manner lol

But surprisingly, he is still in his 20’s !!!
He has been assigned to AKB just several years after he joined the company, and now his success is guaranteed at this young age!!

It sounds like “AKB Dream”….

Yasusu is also in a retrospective mood when it comes to Myao.

Sashihara has to buy different type of Mentaiko as souvenirs for Kitarie every time she goes to Fukuoka lol

Maybe she has already said this from before,
But it was something that I haven’t expected that she described about herself as, “I’m ridiculously mentally tough.” which is totally opposite to what we call “Hetare”.

Sashihara isn’t Hetare.
It was just her remark such as “I wetted my panty….” at Haunted house,
Or her timid reaction to bungee jump.
She is just timid, and it’s true that she scared of heights.
As for this Hetare character, she said “Akimoto-sensei told ‘Don’t get rid of your Hetare character. Keep it.'”
So in AkiP’s mind, to lie in order to create her own character is OK.
Maybe she is just told that creating her own unique character.

The word AkiP gave for Sashihara was actually originally the word of Yoshirin…… lol

Yoshinori, AkiP and Mr. Ishihara are friends, and they go drinking together.
So they share their opinions…. or…. they arranged it in advance?

Because she didn’t join Handshake event yesterday, Cindy was listening to radio all alone, and updated her G+….

The only NMB’s song aired was Milky’s solo, Waruky~.

Miyamoto Amon’s audition, 
They couldn’t decide among Nakayan, Masuda and Umechan until the last moment.
Amon thought it’s either Masuda or Umechan, while staffs thought Nakayan would be selected.

Basically those who engaged in AKB related work are hardcore Ota.

As it’s expected because she is a former employee of Recruit, Saru-Obasan is a woman with a reasonable manners and gentle personalities, and basically it seems that she is very capable.

Though Mayuyu didn’t guest the show, I could have an impression that AkiP highly recognizes Mayuyu, but he is not compatible with her.

Basically AkiP finds it easy to treat members who come to him on their own.
As we see on Gugutasu or radio programs, it seems he actually wants to communicate with members more.