Tomochin has stopped with her blonde hair!!! (and 2other topics on Mayuzaka and Paruru)

  July 13, 2012

(News Flash) Tomochin has stopped with her blonde hair

Because I’ve got bored with it.

2012-07-12 21:57:58
In order to make a clean start
I darkened my hair which had long been in bright color

Why? Because I’ve got bored with it lol

Just to get a fresh start.


Get bored with herself!? Itano is so cool!

Zetsumetsu Kurokami Itano

Her reason is too cool!!
Chin coolllll!!

LOL How come she had blonde hair!?!? 
That was a light brown hair.

Itano-san is always honest about her feeling.

She should have changed it in twin tail black hair.

↑lol You mean “Back to the basic”?? lol

I don’t mind what hair color she gets,
But we now don’t have landmark of live concerts (because Tomochin was standing out among the girls because of her bright color hairstyle.)….

Probably she will suddenly change her hair color to bright.
And that also make us say “Itano is too cool!!!”

Mayuyu and Nogizaka46’s Collaboration “MayuZaka46” appear in (Japanese) Playboy 

From the left, Hoshino, Watanabe, Ikoma and Ikuta. 

Related News: Mayuyu collaborates with the rival of AKB48 “Mayuzaka46”

I thought the girl in the left was Manatsu lol

They’ve completely forgotten that they’re supposed to be rivals each other…..

Is this okay for Mayuyu to join this kind of cheesy project when she is a candidate for the next generation Ace?

But they’ve been doing collaboration with Nogizaka since a while ago because of their connection with Sony music entertainment.

I think their collaboration will definitely be more than one song, and guess Nogizaka’s coupling will also be Mayuzaka’s song.

This will probably the 4 front men of MayuZaka
I want to quickly see the 16 of them dance together.

Members that have Collaborated with Nogizaka46:
Watanabe (Mayuyu)
Sashihara (Sassy)
All of them are AKB’s Aces

Is this a realization of Sabadol?

【OPV】Shimazaki Haruka: Her 2 and a half years

Finally lifted the restriction on it!
I’ve made a Paruru OPV after a long time, if it’s fine with you guys, please watch it!
【HD】Shimazaki Haruka OPV: Her 2 and half years

Thanks, you’re good.

Thanks for your hard work Paruru.
Looking back again moves me emotionally

Thanks for the meal Mr. Ikemen.

Thanks, creator!

Thanks for each time creating a superb video!!
But I found that Ishiguro Atsuki wasn’t really cute…

translated by Wingom, Tommy and bryansate