Tomochin’s 4 panel theater (and 3other topics on Ricchan, 14gen and Yubimatsuri)

  July 16, 2012

4 panel theater of Tomochin (Itano Tomomi)

“Where in the world are you going!”

LOL She is emulating Yuko!?!?
Though Tomochin wasn’t in the show when Yuko did the same thing, was she watching it on TV??
↑It’s just that she couldn’t turn, but….. was she really emulating Yuko!?!?

Kawaei Rina’s gif image collection.

You’re genius!

These things should be included to a template of Ricchan fan thread when we start the next thread, right?

If there’s a ranking of the members who suits school gym uniform the best, she will definitely win it.

14th generation members appeared in Fujie Reina’s blog!

Somehow I have an impression that they are more sophisticated than 13gen.
And, Maeda-chan is so cute!

To me they all look children.
So they have to consider how they physically/mentally grow, when they select members, right?
The audition is actually a very difficult job, I think.

↑They’d better interview with their parents as well.

They look fine at least in this picture.

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Footage from Sashihara Rino Produced YubiMatsuri

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