Why has Takamina strangely become cute lately?

  July 3, 2012

I now start to think of her as a girl.

She was already cute before, you dumbass!

Because she got burnt.

Then I wonder if I can become good looking as well if I burnt myself.

If you don’t do it moderately, it’ll just be another suicide by fire. So be careful!
Because you know, it is difficult to master the degree you get burnt.

She’s gotten cute after he hair’s gone short.

I guess hair is important.

I was waiting, but her actual face hasn’t changed since her debut, so I learnt that hairstyle is really important.
She’s now cute.

Her facial expressions have also gotten cute.

Takamina’s the cutest on Domoto Kyodai
I wonder if it’s because she doesn’t wear a ribbon and also because in this show, she can gets spoilt on her co-stars who have much longer career in this business.

I think she has been helped so much by Kinki Kids or Nishikawa-san (TMR) who always create a mood where Takamina can easily join the conversation and make funny remarks.
Though we should give credit to Takamina herself too, as she can grab the chance she is given by them.

Takamina around 5 years ago was adorable and cute.
Now she is advancing as a beauty.

Everyone’s thinking the same thing lol

She was extremely cute on the cover of the FLASH special edition.


Sure is cute.
I didn’t get why she stuck with that atrocious hairstyle.

So it wasn’t only me that thought that she’d gotten cute lately. My eyes didn’t go bad!

“All the members said that “This (after hair cut) style is better.” I wonder what I was doing with my hair up until now (laughs)”

There was a time where her hair was really brown, and to an extent she has restored it, which I find is also important.

Because she graduated from her ribbons.

Chirimina (frizzly/burnt hair Takamina) was a blessing in disguise, right?

It’s obvious that since appearing on Domoto Kyoudai, she has developed an interest in the opposite sex and also has become cute.

Takamina is cute, right?
I started to like her from yesterday’s Domoto.

She’s surely in love with someone.
Just from that, girls develop and interest in the opposite sex and become cuter.

It’s perhaps that thing…
“I’ve found a person more important than AKB!” Takamina will proclaim and then graduate, that kind of pattern?

Because she has stop with the stupid ribbon.
When her hair was long and she didn’t wear a ribbon, I think that she was also at times normally cute.

Well, try looking.

Thanks for all your hard work today!

Everyone’s thinking the same thing lol
She’s become so pretty lately.
There is the fact that she changed her hairstyle and taken off her ribbon, but I also think that she has stopped gleaming. (Did she change her makeup?)

Also recently, she hasn’t been straining herself, or rather in a good sense I feel as though has lost all of her strength.
I really like the Domoto Kyoudai Takamina more than the AKB Takamina.

She hasn’t stopped gleaming! lol

I wonder if the KinKi Kids have no wives.
I want them to scramble for Takamina.

If she would marry such a established figure like members of Kinki Kids, no one would slam her anymore.
Anyway, it looks like she burned the constraints from her past together with her hair….

This is ultimately just a wild idea, but if she were to get married would she be more happy with Tsuyoshi or Kouichi (Kinki Kids)?

The one that seems like he has the more compatible personality would be Tsuyoshi.

Final answer is Takeda Shinji! (co-star in Domoto Kyowakoku)

Tsuyoshi is more of an otaku so he should get along with Takamina.
I mean his hobby is making plastic models.

But to me (male), Ichikame-san is cuter than her. LOL

As long as Takamina is happy, anyone is fine.

Or perhaps I should say she’s not just cute,
Takamina lately seems like she’s getting little by little more ‘plentiful’.

So I heard you guys are making buzz about whether she has cleavage or not recently…
What the heck is going on??

This has again recently come up. More than Jurina’s cleavage, Takamina’s cleavage is unusually vague something which I don’t know how to express.

Because I absolutely can’t digest the fact that Takamina has cleavage,
I settle down by thinking that, “Ah, Takamina is training her pecs.”

Incidentally if I am to say something,
I also feel like she has graduated her suberi character.
She was very amusing in the Lucky Item thing of no3b, and also in stuff like when Momokuro was on Domoto.

Being twenty years old, she has used it as a motive to start reading fashion magazines, don’t you think? lol
Though she was made fun of by Chiichan lol
She must be learning about many different things.

If I were to put a serious response. Having Acchan graduate and many members having solo debuts and other stuff has allowed AKB to move forward and so for the leader, the leader would feel at ease. Or rather I think that that’s perhaps the case.

The Takamina in Shinoda’s blog posts recently has been so unbelievably cute, that it surprised me!

The last time

There are many cute photos of Takamina that have been taken by Mariko, right?
The ratio of Takamina photos is also high. lol

Once you see her live, she looks much more like a beauty.

Speaking of which, Kobayashi Yoshirin (Kobayashi Yoshinori: Mangaka, Yuko and Miorin Oshi) also said in the General Election Guidebook that Takamina has lately been so incredibly and vigorously beautiful.

The ribbon was a magical tool that was used to press down on her magic.

Takamina was originally gracefully beautiful.
The raw Takamina’s eyes are big like a doll, she’s really, extremely beautiful!
Once she puts down her hair, her eyes don’t draw you in, so her eyes become her originally gentle eyes, she’s seriously pretty.

That’s the plain Takamina.

Takamina originally was smooth talked in primary school, and stayed till the end of the Horipro Caravan selection because she was a beautiful girl.
Her face with no makeup is nice.

Takamina is pretty.

Thank you aroma candles! (Which burned her hair)
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translated by Wingom and Tommy