Yoshirin: ”Gingham Check” is a Kami-Kyoku (Godly Song)

  July 16, 2012
About AKB48’s New Song『Gingham Check』 by Yoshirin (Mangaka, Critic, Friend of AkiP, Yuko and Miorin Oshi)

I see they’ve gone all the way to white bathing suits.
They’ve left behind the sexy look and are returning to their moe roots.
This is the type of song that can only succeed with the innocent aura of young girls who aren’t yet ready for romance.
Therefore, I could not fully appreciate this song with my sullied soul.
Until yesterday, I was probably quite filthy.
Actually, I pretty much only thought perverted thoughts.
But today, everything is different.
They did a good job and brought back something refreshing. Check out the video. It’s completely different!

When the video starts, I’m captivated by Yuko, Tomochin, and Kojiharu, who look cuter than usual, as well as Paruru, who gives off a striking aura.
Immediately after that, I notice how cute Kawaei Rina looks.
And with the line “Despite loving you like this…” the tragic song begins.
The color of Yuko’s eyes and her movements are so cute they make me shiver.
Yukirin and Mayuyu’s elegance is unparalleled.
Even Sashihara, singing with sassyness between Mariko-sama and Takamina, both of whom are members she admires, looks cute.
Kawaei, crossing arms with Miyazawa Sae and Kasai Tomomi, once again is close-up’ed by camera, and in the moment I think Kawaei got such a lucky position… Minegishi Minami and Umechan appear on the screen, impressing me with their super-cute performance.
You know what? IDOL!!
This is IDOL!!!

As always, he’s going full throttle when it comes to idols, lol.

I lol’d.

A song that perverts don’t get?
That’s a new one.

Ricchan’s cuteness is finally being recognized? … Its about time!

Well, as expected, he knows what idols are all about…

I think if you listened to this song while driving alongside the ocean with your car windows open, it would be so refreshing.

Tomochin dyed her hair for this song, didn’t she?

Paruru and Kawaie are Under of Jurina and Rena!!! (in angry tone)

↑ And the fact that he recognize it pretty much explain that he is the real Ota.

And is there any God that upload pictures of Kawaei that has become a topic because of her adorable looks?

From the perspective of Ota in the underground idol section of 2ch, this guy looks like he does nothing but think about AKB48 all the time, but when you visit and read his blog, he actually has a life and is doing other things too. I’m relieved.

Yoshirin is a role model for Ota.

After the election, Mr. Kobayashi Yoshinori was shocked by the result of his Oshimen Ichikawa Miori, saying: “I would curse this election that hurt the innocent heart of such a cute fairy…!”

source, Translated and edited by Edo-san and Hikaru